You are my brother….Your blood is red…Your heart is true….Liberty and Freedom were defended by you. Please rest dear brother…Please rest.


The mother and father of Humayun Kahn were on the Diane Rehm show today. It is a informative interview, hope you will listen brothers and sisters.…/Faces-American-Muslims…


You are my brother….Your blood is red…Your heart is true….Liberty and Freedom were defended by you. Please rest dear brother…Please rest.

Leonard Clark





We Did It ! Az. Ducey Re-Instates Teacher Who Has Cancer Tara Ausburn To Job ! :)

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We DID IT ! 🙂
🙂 🙂 🙂


At least there is something good that happened on a Friday 🙂
Salute to our fellow human being TARA AUSBURN and the work she does with our youth 🙂
Our group on face book and Twitter asked for the governor to do this and although we still have a huge gap in our different political beliefs … I thank the governor for doing the right thing in this individual case. Thank you governor Ducey and thank you to our fellow human beings that helped in this effort for we have shown that we can put pressure on our representatives to sometimes do the right thing.
Leonard Clark

Az. Gov. Ducey Please Restore Tarah’s Life Saving Breast Cancer Treatment..Please Don’t Sentence Her To Death !



State of AZ terminates award winning teacher with Brest cancer ! CRUEL AND OUTRAGEOUS !

We will hold a vigil and rally in the plaza of the Arizona State legislature… There’s good parking at Wesley Bolin plaza and can be accessed my car or bus… After the rally then we will go up to the governors office and present a letter and petition asking the governor to rehire and reinstate the life saving breast cancer treatment of this young teacher.

A state and nation where workers get screwed !
Grrrrr !

Brothers and sisters hope you can make it out to the governor’s office or … Share this event for a fellow human being and teacher who is going to die if Arizona doesn’t restore this young teacher’s (Tara) Breadt cancer treatment and re-hire after the the juvenile department director Dina Marie Markey had her wrongly terminated. And… What is even more infuriating about this, is that the director says the young teacher resigned which is not true… This director is saying the teacher resigned because she was sick and couldn’t come in to work per her doctor’s orders… And now her life is on the line.

This Arizona Department of juvenile corrections director is an appointee of Arizona governor Ducey… Governor Ducey… If you do not have this young teacher re-hired … so that she can get the proper breast cancer treatment you will effect have killed her.
Do the right thing and rehire her with her medical benefits this is outrageous and an affront to the laws of humanity and that of a supposedly civilized state and nation!

Leonard Clark,

Progressive Arizona activist,

August 11, 2016

Bill Maher: Bernie Supporters Unpatriotic.

Video clip of Bill Maher to Bernie Sanders tonight on his show tonight:

“You sir are a patriot sir unlike some of your supporters.”

Message to Bill Maher I am veteran and just because I support Jill Stein now after Bernie has dropped out doesn’t mean that I… And my fellow brothers and sisters who supported Bernie for president just because we don’t support a corporate/corrupt candidate who stole our votes and elections are not patriotic…In fact…We doing what anybody who believes in the Democratic system of “free and equal elections would do when their votes are stolen.

Steal our votes…Steal our Voices
Steal our Voices…STEAL OUR LIBERTY !

Leonard Clark
Jill Stein Supporter
July 29th, 2016

Bernie’s Legacy is for Liberty Not For Oligarchy: Our Stolen Votes Equal Our Stolen Liberty!

Stolen Votes/Rigged Elections=Our Stolen Liberty
“The Only Thing We have to fear is fear itself” nameless unreasoning fear itself…
In response to a friend who says changing our minds is not a bad thing when we sell out our liberty and our dignity to vote for queen Shillary $$$:
Changing your mind is not a bad thing except … When it is a “bad thing”
Our stolen vote equals our voice…
Our stolen voice equals our stolen Liberty
That liberty was stolen by Shillary $$$ and the corrupt leadership of the Democratic Party…
When the corrupt leadership of a supposedly Democratic Party stole our liberty as they did when they stole our votes and then cheated our candidate and ourselves out of a presidential nomination …
And to then accept that is not only a betrayal of our own personal liberty …
It is a betrayal of our own personal dignity.
So what you have said is that your voice does not count in the now “UN-Democratic party since your vote was stolen and you have accepted for all intents and purposes an oligarchic ruler who lies to you and says: “your vote counts”.
So, if you accept your vote not counting this time and saying you want your vote to count the next time …is destroying the very thing you are fighting against.
Sadly people who will accept the sacrifice of their liberty once are no different then the politician who says he or she will accept a bribe “only once”.
I believe Emiliano Zapata illustrated this well when he said it is “better to die on your feet then live on your knees.
And really, we are metaphorically making the same mistake that many made in 2003 when many believing out of fear the lies that led us to wrongfully invade Iraq. Yes … We were told that there was an evil and horrible bad man named Saddam Hussein and that he was going to use weapons of mass destruction on our country much the same way we are now told Trump is going to unilaterally going to use the presidency as a weapon of mass destruction which the majority of our fellow our fellow Americans will never allow him to do because of the fact that we will be more unified and fired up then like no other time in American history to oppose and stop him through mass civil disobedience and outright non violent revolt. But with Shillary $$$ … ? Not so … We have already seen in horror how many of our friends literally either worship the Clinton’s or fall into the line of the elite Democrat orthodoxy and will do … or accept anything they are told to do simply because it is the oligarchic Clinton’s. Shillary $$$ will then play the role (as her husband did) of the proverbial “Trojan Horse and then continue to double down for her “Goldman Sachs” buddies and puppet masters on Wall-street.
So … Yes changing your mind is not always a bad except… When it is a bad thing and that is the case when one decides in mid-stream to sell out their dignity by selling out their liberty (stolen vote) out of fear in order to get a little false security.
So yes, there is a decision to be made … Would one turn over their stolen vote, their liberty and therefore their dignity and their conscience to a liar and a cheat (SHILLARY $$$) out of logic erasing fear for the big mouthed blow hard Trump ? You may say yes for yourself but we would say “Give me liberty or give me death!” rather than cede our liberty to unreasoning blind and trampling fear. A real Democratic president of the once actual Democratic Party named Franklin Delano Roosevelt was right when he said that “we have nothing to fear but fear itself” for now his words ring true more then ever when we in a great panic sell out our liberty not really because of Trump but out of blind reasoning fear. We therefore should not take our liberty and put it in a temporary “detention camp” out of fear it will betray us to a Trump we should by all means do the opposite and free our liberty and free our conscience it is only then that we can ever truly defeat a trump, a George W.Bush, an L.B.J., Nixon or a Neo-Liberal, vote stealing, election rigging and cheating Clinton
Leonard Clark
Progressive activist
July 27th, 2016

Protest For Liberty Supporting Bernie Democrats Today In Phoenix 5:00PM-8:00PM! Corporate Dem Leaders Say Stay Home !


We can all just shut up and repeat the status quo of the tunnel visioned worshipping Clinton Democrats or…Now we can finally make a difference by showing our opposition with our feet over to the Green Party. The corrupt leadership of the Democratic party laugh at us and patronizingly pretend that they cannot hear us when we say that:




The corporate/corrupt elite Democratic leadership and their coronation of queen SHILLARY $$$ are the reason Trump will be elected. The scapegoating of our progressive Democratic brothers, sisters and Millennials is nothing but a lack of self accountability on the PRO TPP/PRO FRACKING Democratic party leadership.



In light of the fact that our votes have been stolen and the presidential primary has been rigged we will be holding a non violent JILL NOT SHILL $$$ demonstration outside of the Az. Democratic party hqtrs today in Phoenix from 5:00PM until 8:00 PM. Please come by if even just for a few minutes and bring a sign stating your sadness that our votes were stolen.

In solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Philadelphia.

Leonard Clark

July 25th, 2016



Shining Blood

Shining Blood Mixed With My Shining Blood
I joined in with the angry mob and cast stones at the man…He was still standing there in the village square…Bloodied…And, it was horrifyingly amazing to see his shining, bright red blood pour out onto to the hard ground beneath and then realize at that moment…The man was being stoned to death for sins of the past that he had committed and not for the good deed he had just had the temerity to commit.
And then…At that moment I jumped into the circle of hate with that man…And, I yelled out to him: “I know you have sinned before as I have brother but I will not let you be stoned alone for doing a good and righteous thing” …It was at this time that the man’s shining blood had mixed with mine and some how atonement was in that moment and peace finally came.
Of course it was not a smart thing to do but…It was the right thing to do
It is painful to anger friends and even lose them when you follow your conscience but…It is ten times more painful when you give into friends and go against your conscience.
Brothers and sisters… Below is a letter from a dear friend whom I shall not name unless that person wants to be named.
This friend, just messaged me and had said that because I had supported a person that some revile and despise in our community that I now was being attacked for doing so.
Well…I am glad my friend wrote me to ask about this and the first part will be that person’s letter asking questions of me as to why I stood by that person temporarily for something I believe that they had done right. My friend’s letters will be labeled A.) and my responses will be labeled B.)
A.) Lennie – . “I am here because I am seeing you being named and criticized for supporting Jarrett Maupin. It pains me to see you criticized — would you like to speak to this ? I haven’t yet seen a post of comment of yours mentioning Jarrett. As always, hope you’re ok….”
B.) Hello. The nitty gritty is: That I supported Maupin on holding that march on July 8th, 2016. I do not support Maupin on anything else but… I have a tendency to stand up for a person when they (although doing bad in the past) do something good for a change. Then…When people continue to go into a savage and hateful mode even for a person like Maupin who has done bad in the past when now he has finally done good for a change…I will follow my conscience and stand up for what I believe is right. Also…I don’t think taking orders from the pro police good ol’ boy Phoenix police Joe Yahner who comes from the ranks of Phx PD. is a good thing for a civil rights protester to do.
I saw some other civil rights leaders saying Maupin was wrong for not listening to the police and then…I saw Maupin criticized for what rogues were doing and that I believe was and is just plain wrong. I believed Maupin did the right thing because in the moment of truth when the establishment had co-opted the other leaders he was not so … Despite all the criticism… I will follow my conscience and not judge a man by his past actions for a good action he does in the present.
A.) Len —“I wasn’t there Friday night – but isn’t that what Jarrett did – taking orders from , being buddy with – PPD? That’s what I heard he did — and gave names of protesters to cops too. I’ve heard that he wasn’t doing good Friday night — he deceived people who attended by not telling them he intended to go to the freeway…..and parents and children were surprised and running from tear gas. People see him as not having done a good thing Friday. Just saddens me when you are criticized — I appreciate you following your conscience—-
B.) Thank : 1.) The allegation that he was buddy, buddy with the police might have been true in the past but it was very public that he defied the mayor and the pro police phx police chief because they tried to pressure him and order him not to march.
2.) As far as people stating they were deceived you and I both know that when you go to a protest you make voluntarily decisions every step of the way…
a.) some people decide to play it safe and not walk at all in the street which is already breaking the law.
b.) Some people decide to either do a sit down in the street or don’t..It is voluntary.
c.) People did not have to go the freeway…In fact when we got close to it many people decided to leave but… a group of other people voluntarily decided to stay that was their choice…And my choice as well because I stayed. It was my choice every step of the way…
d.) And as far as people insinuating that our young Millenial brothers and sisters were like children and didn’t know what they were doing? Well, that is an insult to them for they are an extremely educated and conscientious generation and that this assumption is even made at is quite frankly that older people are nervous about young people making decisions for themselves. And, by “young” I mean all young people who have reached the age of 18 and older.
e.) So, when people put their feet on the street, the police may have insinuated they had permission by doing so but nothing could be further from the truth…When one steps voluntarily onto the street and brings their children with them to a protest while doing so they need to know they are putting their children at risk.
3.) I know Maupin has done these things that have angered me from the past and I have personally told him so but I also told him I wouldn’t fault him for doing the right thing in this case for the march he held on July 8th, 2016 and…Quite frankly…The bad things he has done in the past now have company with the bad thing some of the current leaders did by doing what the pro Phoenix police chief and Phx mayor ordered them to do and that was not to have the peaceful social justice march that night.
So, I stand by my conscience and revel in the fact that I am being attacked for it. Thanks again, for your questions. I assure you, that my public decision to stand by a man who is reviled by some others who are my friends and their subsequent torrent of anger unleashed on me is something I would be accepting now if I had done things the easy way and had joined in on the chorus of vitriol towards Maupin. But, sometimes even when we anger our friends that will abandon friendship with us because we follow our conscience it is better to stay friends with our conscience which is a tough friend indeed sometimes to keep.
Leonard Clark
Progressive Activist
July 15th, 2016