Critical day for Arizona democracy! Tomorrow 3/28/16 !

In response to someone saying that going to the legislature tomorrow at 9:00 AM to protest and the Tucson federal court house at 2:00 P.M. will not matter and that we first must go to court…I must strongly disagree… Below is the first link to the Az. legislature protest at 9:00A.M. and the second link is for the protest to be held in Tucson tomorrow at 2:00 P.M.

My young brothers and sisters and yes …Even my older brothers and sisters … We promise to be there tomorrow and for however long it takes. Please do not give up….
While I agree that it is extremely important that we must fight in court… Tomorrow will be an extremely important day for Arizona because tomorrow we will decide if we are finally going to unite together and move Arizona into the year 2016 or stay in the year 1950… and tomorrow… Many of our younger generation will begin to decide whether they should participate in what they believe is a fake democratic election system or continue to have hope… By knowing that we are unified and that we will fight non-violently to save our election system.

If our brothers and sisters in the millennial generation decide that it is a waste of time to vote in the rigged voter suppressing election system of Arizona….Then tragically the right wing fascists and yes … A few sold out establishment Democratic leaders who appease them will have won again and will continue to ensure that the status quo if voter suppression will have stayed in place.

So…If you can show up tomorrow brothers and sisters please do, tomorrow is a critical day and a turning point in the history of Arizona when it comes to democracy and human rights love you all please spread the word even if you cannot make it thank you .
Lennie 🙂
Public attention and I dare say … that the “court of public opinion” is just as important for for influencing a court before an actual court hearing this will be a huge event and a large amount of media will be there … If we don’t show up to protest this rigged election the press and the politicians will go back to business as usual.
Leonard Clark
Progressive Activist

The protest will be held tomorrow at 9:00A.M. at the Arizona State House of Representatives in hearing room #4. Please come join us to protest non-violently and ask for re-dress and for a re-vote from our Koch brothers Az. governor Ducey and our extreme right wing Republican banana Republic  Arizona legislature !


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leonard clark

I am an Arizona Progressive veteran who is concerned not only for myself but my loved ones and my progeny. I am deeply interested in the world and universe.

2 thoughts on “Critical day for Arizona democracy! Tomorrow 3/28/16 !”

  1. Well written Leonard. I have shared to Facebook and I will be with you in spirit and solidarity. #FairElections! Thank god yesterday in Alaska, Washington and here in Hawaii Bernie won by Sandslides! Peace to you and your loved ones and keep up the good fight to transform your beautiful state of Arizona for the 99%! Aloha from Hilo, Hawaii


    1. Thank you Olga. Our beloved Bernie is a kind and compassionate human being. Our elections need to be free and fair which they are not in Arizona right now. Take care 🙂
      Lennie 🙂


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