Report on Az Protest yesterday against Voter Suppression

Thank you to our brothers and sisters who marched with us near down town Phoenix FOR DEMOCRACY AND HUMAN RIGHTS last night and to the main organizer Geoff Woods….
Thank you also to Ed Higgins, Sumayyah, Joanne Scott Woods, Melodi Shapiro Brown and to all of the many brothers and sisters who were not intimidated to march with us in what for all intents and purposes is currently the Banana Republic of Arizona right now.

And thank you to the young man who was brutally arrested at the state Capitol by Az governor Ducey’s secret police last week for wearing an Anonymous mask and having dreadlocks for marching our front with us !
(Please attend his hearing and join our support group for him will post link as soon as I can get it).

WE ACTUALLY HAD A MARCH FOR NOT ONLY A RE-VOTE and for Purcell to resign BUT FOR DEMOCRACY AND HUMAN RIGHTS as well and we showed that WE ARE NOT GOING TO ACCEPT AN ARIZONA IN THE 1950s ANYMORE where repression and intimidation are the standard for anyone who dares to stand up the corrupt political establishment here !

Let us not give up on this non- violent fight in Arizona for Democracy and “Free and Fair elections”……I plead with you brothers and sisters.
The political establishment or junta that runs this state are still telling each other that we are going to go tire of our protests for an Arizona that has “FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS” and that we will go away so that they can continue to still our votes and the continue to run Arizona as junta and Banana Republic!
Let us prove them wonderfully wrong ! 🙂

On April 9th and 10th our brother Geoff Woods will be organizing a camp out at the Arizona state Capitol. Please spread the word about this to your friends ! And again… Please join the support group for our young brother who was brutally arrested for wearing an Anonymous mask!

Please utilize every communication means at your disposal because social media is the new paradigm that will grow our social movement in Arizona.

I will post the link to Geoff’s upcoming events or if Geoff sees this note he can share the links or if any of you want to post the link please free to do so.

Please feel free to also add your videos and pictures from last night and from all of the events for Democracy that we have been holding.

THANK YOU ALL ONCE AGAIN brothers and sisters….. YOU STOOD UP FOR DEMOCRACY LAST NIGHT and I truly believe in my heart that HOPE IS NOT DEAD IN ARIZONA !
Lennie 🙂



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leonard clark

I am an Arizona Progressive veteran who is concerned not only for myself but my loved ones and my progeny. I am deeply interested in the world and universe.

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