Update on Protest of Az. Sec of State Michele Reagan’s certification of rigged election yesterday and where we go from here:

Update on Protest of Az. Sec of State Michele Reagan’s certification of rigged election yesterday and where we go from here:


The non-violent and righteous fight for Democracy, social justice and free and fair elections continues in Arizona.


Hello brothers and sisters… Please excuse me giving the update from yesterday a little late.

Right now… Many people are confused about the present situation regarding the voter oppression and suppression that took place during last week’s March 22, 2016 presidential preference election in Arizona. I am no expert on this but will give my interpretation and perspective. I would like to stress again that this is only my interpretation and my perspective of where we are now regarding a re-vote and what goals and solutions we are aiming for in restoring democracy back to the junta run banana republic of Arizona not to mention free and fair elections.

And, I hope that you will respond with your interpretations, perspectives and opinions and not worry about correcting me if you feel I need correcting.

People are understandably confused about what lawsuits might be in the making and what organizations might be bringing those lawsuits and what those lawsuits might be for regarding the rigged Arizona presidential preference election last week. I know that the ACLU, the Bernie campaign, a man named John R. Brakey with his organization called Arizona_Audit,  and the Department of Justice are the possible plaintiffs who might be suing either the state of Arizona elections director and the Maricopa county elections office.

So far, I have only heard with reasonable certainty that Mr. Brakey and his organization will be suing the secretary of state elections office and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. As for the DOJ, I would not be surprised if they only ask for corrections or reforms and… I would not be surprised if they did barely anything… Because of the way they let the (notorious  thug with a badge) Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio off in the past for his gross violations of civil rights against people because of their ethnicity with only a metaphorical slap on the wrist. And, I have heard nothing else from the Bernie campaign so I cannot tell you with certainty if they are going to sue but in my opinion… I believe they will not and I hope I am wrong.

Yesterday, I was at the Arizona legislature and in the Arizona Secretary of State’s office Michele Reagan when she certified the results of the rigged election last Tuesday. There were various other activists all there hoping against hope (and that includes myself) that the Arizona Secretary of State elections boss Michele Reagan would not certify the results. Of course, we all know now that unfortunately, she did certify the results… And, many pundits including the Sec. herself claimed that by Arizona state law she had to certify results of that past election. As for her requirement to certify the elections I will have to study that further and do not take the word of the establishment on that.

Before Mrs. Reagan certified the results, Mr. Brakey, told myself and a small group of activists in what sounded like a sympathetic form of empathy for the Arizona Secretary of State that she had no choice but to certify the rigged election results. Now, I will say that I have been in contact with Mr. Brakey from the beginning of this whole disgraceful and undemocratic election disaster… And, from the very beginning Mr. Brakey has told me that he was in close communication with the Arizona Secretary of State elections boss Michele Reagan. So, I have interpreted what he has told me from the very beginning of his communications with Mrs. Reagan that he was very sympathetic to her and she to him and that they both wanted to help bring about election reforms. And, Mr. Brakey in turn reiterated to me again yesterday (4-4-16) that he would work with her to help bring about those election reforms.

One other sad note, when one of the activists asked Mr. Brakey  whether there could be a re-vote he replied no.

But I am confused, because while at the same time Mr. Brakey has told me he will be working closely with the Az. Secretary of State elections boss in a type of partnership and that she will be working with him on election reform that he says he will be suing her over the election results. Yesterday, at the Arizona legislature I spoke of this confusion to him personally.  I essentially asked  Mr. Brakey about how he could be working with the Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan closely on election reform while suing her (as he told me he would be doing) along with the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors at the same time. He responded to me in my opinion that it was possible to (para-phrasing) to love the Arizona Secretary of State while suing her.

I must say that during this conversation with Mr. Brakey one of the activists in the group said something to the effect of: “We will go up to her office and watch her commit the evil act (certifying the rigged elections) and hold her to account for it.” And, it is this para-phrased statement by a strong and courageous fellow activist yesterday that sums up my feelings on Reagan’s certifying the rigged and disgraceful election last week.

I, am not saying that I believe that the strategy of suing the Arizona Secretary of State while working very closely with her is necessarily a bad strategy. I’m just saying that… The Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan as a state senator and now in her present position is well documented to have sponsored and still supports voter suppression legislation such as the atrocities  just signed into law by Az. Koch brother governor Ducey (voter suppression and dark money bills). On the former bill dealing with voter suppression, I have personally witnessed her representatives speaking on her behalf testify in favor of the voter suppression bill that will make it a felony for anyone to help a friend or be a good neighbor to take that friend’s ballot sealed and signed to the polling booth.

So… When I saw Mr. Brakey sitting on a sofa yesterday next to the Secretary of State Michele Reagan and then… Watched them hug and embrace in a very long and tight hug (in my opinion)  I started to become concerned and worry that possibly the apparent close personal friendship of the Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan with Mr. Brakey could cause some confusion when it comes to knowing if he is really going to go after her in court whole heartedly when he is working so closely with her at the same time.

Now, who knows maybe this strategy of working on an almost intimate level with the Arizona Secretary of State while suing her will work… But looking at what is going on from a larger perspective… It looks like the Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan who by the way appeared by the side of the Maricopa County recorder Helen Purcell on that disgraceful election day last week in support of Purcell…Is trying to cover up her very well documented voter suppression and dark money reputation by suddenly telling us quote: “she fills our pain” and that now with the help of Mr. Brakey she is going to be the Savior of Arizona democracy…NOT !

Now, I personally hope that Mr. Brakey goes on with his lawsuit and I personally hope that he sues the heck out of the Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors over the rigged election but given his saying that he is going to work closely with Mrs. Reagan and his seeming disregard about her strong and well documented anti-Democratic reputation as a vote suppressing right wing extremist politician… I will not oppose his efforts… But will not put all my hope in them as well and will watch his interactions with the Arizona Secretary of State with a large grain of salt.

So where does that leave us brothers and sisters in our quest to restore free and fair elections in Arizona, Maricopa County, Pima County and democracy in general? Well… I can say there is one thing in my opinion that we should not do and that is to be led around like children by certain appointed and elected officials telling us that quote they are “going to get to the bottom of this” and that they are going to institute election reforms. Please do not get me wrong… If the “Fox that is guarding the hen house” suddenly says “I will no longer viciously still the eggs and eat the chickens” and that Fox says he wants to reform himself I’m all for second chances. But just because I believe in second chances does not mean that I will now suddenly trust the metaphorical foxes (appointed and elected officials) who say they are going to suddenly reform our shameful Arizona rigged election system when in the past they have said the same thing and only stolen more of our democracy from us!

We must be careful… To “not put all of our eggs in one basket” with so-called lawsuits by parties that we cannot completely trust to come to our rescue in regards to voter suppression and therefore rigged elections… We must take non-violent actions ourselves and that means continuing to do the non-violent demonstrations we have been doing.

We must also realize that whether the corrupt establishment agrees or not… That the “court of public opinion” is also the very powerful de facto people’s version of the official judicial branch of: “we the people” and that’s where we come in. Many of our brothers and sisters are all too happy to remain complacent as the water in the pan they are sitting in slowly gets hotter and hotter. Why is this? Well, there is this thing called: “the hierarchy of needs” and what that means is that people are all too willing to remain complacent and not speak out as long as they have a car to drive, food in their stomachs and American Idol to watch.

We must somehow in my opinion persuade, cajole and wake people up by letting them know that: “you may have a shiny car, and food in your stomach for now but without your vote in this country… The establishment and the 1%  will turn you into nothing but indentured servants to be thrown in prison whenever you disagree with them and upset their unconstitutional status quo. In short…We really are on our way to the “Hunger Games” model of society.

Finally, I know there is a lot more to discuss, but we have in conjunction with the “Democracy Spring” going on right now in the United States the “Arizona Spring”. Some of our other brothers and sisters have put together a non-violent event coming up this Friday at the Arizona State Capitol. Thank you to our friend and human rights activist Geoff Woods for getting the ball rolling on this and taking the initiative to not let the momentum die for restoring free and fair elections and democracy to the state of Arizona. Sadly, our current state of Arizona should more aptly be called: “the banana republic of Arizona ruled over by a junta of corrupt political officials in what we informally call “the Establishment”.  I will post the links from Facebook to those events.


I would like to finish by stating a word of caution… Now that you and I have stood up and non-violently said we will not allow our state of Arizona to fall further and further away from the U.S. Constitution and human rights… We need to understand that the corrupt establishment is using police, spies and rogue elements under their indirect control to disrupt and even destroy our quest to restore free and fair elections and democracy to the banana Republic of Arizona.

What this means is they (the corrupt Oligarchic establishment) will try to weaken our trust in each other by planting spies such as they did in the American Indian movement, and many other human rights movements. Sometimes, for example these individuals sent to spy on us will take a more active role in trying to provoke violence with the police so that in the eyes of the people we become quote “the bad guys” and we must not let that happen. Remember… We are fighting for that even more important de facto branch of the judiciary  called “the court of public opinion”. If we lose the support of the people… Then we will gain no traction.

On the other hand, it is true that in the past movements of passionate and dedicated people of good have accomplished a lot but usually not before they persuade and convince the great majority of people in the righteousness of their cause. We are believers in the light because we are fighting non-violently for no less than human rights, social justice and the right to have our vote really count!

So, that is my perspective and where we are at and where we need to go brothers and sisters. We are currently being kissed up to by the establishment telling us that they “feel our pain” and that they are going to enact election reform but please: Do not take them at their word ! Yes, they may be courteous and some of them even genuine but… For the most part… Their job and reason in life is to protect their perks and their power over us. I will go further into this and other subjects that I spoke of in this writing at a later time if I am able to but…I will have to work at getting my writing to you because I am now mysteriously being censored by Facebook for ambiguous reasons. So please, if you can diversify into other social media such as twitter, youtube etc. and … We can always communicate by email. Please start setting up emergency ways of communicating with each other because it is only logical that our corrupt political establishment friends know that our weak link is our over dependency on Facebook. My email is leonardclark385@hotmail.com.

And, one last thing…PURCELL RESIGN !

It has been an honor and a privilege to stand shoulder to shoulder with you brothers and sisters in our non violent struggle for voting rights and human rights in Arizona.

Thank you and hope to see and speak with you soon 🙂

Leonard Clark 🙂



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