Latest On Az Voter Suppression lawsuit!

Bill Maher calling out Maricopa county on its rigged elections !




Information of time and place can be found at facebook event link or right below the link:


Pack the Court Room Of The Elections Lawsuit !UPDATE: case to start on 4/19/2016 8:45AM Order To Show Cause hearing.

101 West Jefferson, Phoenix, Arizona


Okay brothers and sisters … …Here’s the low down on what’s up with our elections being rigged here in Arizona and our votes being stolen and suppressed…..


The press don’t give a F*CK because they think we Arizonans don’t give a F*CK . Now, I know that stuns all of you (not) but the point I’m trying to make here is that we are going to have our FIRST CRITICAL DAY in court to contest this filthy, corrupt and vote suppressing election that was illustrated by corrupt politicians who have made it their life’s task to keep themselves ensconced in power.



I have spoken with my friend John Brakey who has filed the lawsuit in the Arizona Superior Court over the atrocious and vote suppressing presidential preference election on March 22nd,2016. He has told me and in the strongest terms possible that we need for everybody to realize that if this judge in the Superior Court on April 19th, 2016 sees that no one is in his court room or that there is no large group of people outside his court here in Phoenix, Arizona that that he might just dismiss the case thinking he can get away with it.


And why would this judge arrogantly dismiss our case even though knowing there is good cause for the vote suppressing case going forward? Because, he will know that the media will not cover the case. So…….If there is a huge amount of us there that day to pack his court and…….outside his court protesting and rallying we might be able to bring our Constitutional Democracy back from the dead in Arizona through the power of the court of public opinion.




I am not going to lie to you and say there is an easy path in front of us and that we will enact “free and fair” elections in Arizona without a huge non-violent fight for Democracy and that goes especially for Maricopa, Pima, and Santa Cruz counties. But, what we all need to know as supporters of free and fair elections in Arizona is that if we don’t marshall the forces necessary to put public pressure on this judge then ……We will have wasted an historic opportunity.



I was skeptical in the beginning that one man like the courageous Mr. Brakey could succeed in court but then he said something that resonated with me and that was: “This is not me … This is all of us … And he was right.


Make no mistake, this is a fight for Democracy. Now, I know that many say: We are fighting for fighting for a righteous cause… Well, this is actually a truly righteous cause. Not only are fighting for “one person one vote” we are fighting for human rights in a state (Arizona) whose elected and appointed elite want to keep her in the 1950s.


Bernie Sanders probably cheated out of 1 delegate due to short of ballots in Az. C.D.#6 !


Also…Mr. Brakey has related to me what looks to be alleged malfeasance on the part of state and local county officials: Apparently, one of the poll workers who testified and is working with the legal team has stated that they ran out of ballots at her polling station and that they were then supplied with ballots that did not match those in Congressional District #6. Further, this poll worker states that they were ordered to accept use these incorrect ballots by elections officials at a high level when they ran out of the legitimate ballots for C.D. #6. According to Mr. Brakey this makes those ballots that were supplied to voters after they ran out of the ballots for C.D. #6 invalid and illegal.


Get ready for this ……Bernie Sanders according to Mr. Brakey C.D.#6 only needed three hundred more votes in his favor from C.D.#6 to have gained another Arizona delegate for the convention. At present, Mr. Brakey and his lawyer are waiting to see if county and state elections officials will forth with provide the reports from other polling stations to see how many of them ran out of ballots. Unfortunately… if they obstruct this information…we will have to find other witnesses to come forth from other polling stations to provide evidence that they ran out of ballots and illegally provided the wrong ballots.

So there you have it: Bernie Sanders was probably cheated out of at least one delegate due to the ballot shortage on the part of elections officials.


Now, when those whom we know say: “we are fighting for mob rule because we are fighting for Democracy we need to explain to them that in our system of governance (which is not working correctly right now due to the corruption which is the theme of this note) that we have a constitutional Democratic Republic.


In this constitutional Democratic republic (which is on life support right now) we are supposed to have a functional check and balance system. Meaning our U.S. Constitution has clearly stated that we have three branches of government. We have the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches. The reason I say this is because here in Arizona our legislative branch is getting away with suppressing our Democracy, i.e. suppressing our votes and it is only the judicial branch which stops them (the extremist legislature) from totally disregarding our U.S. and Arizona constitutions as clearly shown just last week by the extremist speaker of the House Mr. Gowan who tried to indirectly intimidate and ban the free pass from the floor of the Arizona House of Representatives (which we helped stop just yesterday due to our protests and social media).


We cannot afford to let up now brothers and sisters …..Democracy is not a dirty word no matter what the 1% percent or those who that don’t believe in Democracy say. We are non-violent fighters for Democracy and human rights and … We are taking Arizona out of the year 1950 and into the year 2016 whether the reactionary forces arrayed against us like it or not. SAVE OAK FLAT !


Leonard Clark

Arizona activist



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leonard clark

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