Oppose Az Prop 123 by legally putting up signs, Here’s How:

OK brothers and sisters… I hope you are all doing well…

Hey… I just wanted to let you know of two ways that I know of whereby you can place political signs in the public right away in the city you live that oppose this horrible prop 123…
This is the rip off gimmick/scheme that Arizona governor Koch brothers Ducey is pushing and the Arizona Education Association and some top Democrats (who should know better) are pushing us to support even though it legally allows our children’s education funding owed to them be stolen while corporate welfare is doled out.
Below, are two ways I give you to put up your political signs opposing this rip-off prop 123…

sorry if it’s a little long but these two methods below for being able to place signs is very exciting because it provides us with a grassroots way to stand up to governor Ducey and to the sad capitulation of the Arizona Education Association along with top Arizona Democratic leaders to Koch brothers Ducey and is his dark money prop intended to hand state land over to developers and deplete our education funding…
PS you can Facebook message me, email me at leonardclark385@hotmail.com or .., if you’re really serious and want to be active in non violently fighting these swindle and give away to developers known as prop 123 message me for my number and we can talk 🙂
Lennie Clark 🙂

If you want to put up a sign or signs that’s great ! Here’s the deal … I am going to make these signs myself because I have no funding so what I’m asking people to do is either have me make them a sign or signs or they make the sign or signs themselves or pay a company to make them. Now, so that you can put our signs against prop 123 up legally please just make sure that you place the name of our committee on your sign and then let me know how much you spent making the sign because I have to put it down as an in kind donation to our political action committee. Please save your receipts for your records just in case I need them to put down on the committee records as well.
Now, here’s the catch…If they make the signs themselves people have to by law place the name of the political action committee that I have legal filed on the sign to ensure that it can legally be put in the public right of way in their local cities.
Putting the name of the legally filed committee I have filed with the Arizona secretary of state’s office on the sign you have donated to our campaign is why your sign will legally be able to be put up I the public right of way in the city you live in.
Also, try to go to your local city or have them mail you their right of way political sign placement …If they give you any trouble let me know. The main thing is the cities cannot stop you from placing signs in the public right of way as long as you follow the rules they have in place. So if they tell you to take a sign down or but are allowing prop 123 signs to be placed there unfairly please let me know. The nain thing is to place the sign in the public right of way so that it can be seen by on coming traffic but is no danger to it as well.

Now, there is a second alternative as well …And no worries if you can’t …You or almost any citizen of Arizona can go physically to the Arizona Secretary of State’s office and file a political action committee to oppose this horrible prop 123 . You can file one type of committee (which is what I have done) that is called a “five hundred dollar threshold” committee which allows you to be the chair and the treasurer of this committee as long as you spend five hundred dollars or less on the committee opposing this proposition.

The second type of committee is a regular political action comm that opposes or supports a proposition but with it … You will need a separate chair person and a treasurer.
The only drawback to having one of these committees is that as its chair person you have to physically keep track of it and all of the money and in kind donations it receives and those that contributed it
as well as all money spent from these contributed monies or donations and all receipts pertaining to it.
Sorry about that long explanation but I wanted to give the bigger picture. If you have any questions message me for my cell phone number or message me here on Facebook or my email at … leonardclark385@hotmail.com

Leonard Clark




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