Nowakowski’s hate speech and shady land dealings have got to be booted from Phx city hall since he will not go willingly !

Michael Nowakowski, the arrogant alleged shady land dealing fake Democrat and hate speech making Phoenix city councilman Michael Nowakowski has got to go !
O.K. I know brothers and sisters I will always have a big target on my back for uploading the video that exposed fake Democrat Michael Nowakowski for being a hypocrite by stating horrible bigoted and hateful things against our brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ community and then stating that he would try to get things back to the way they were before (read that as: taking away the human rights of folks in the LGBTQ community) .
I know he (Nowakowski) has plenty of dealings with officials in the business community who would do anything he asks to get rid of pesky activists (myself and others included) and maybe even reporters who expose the truth about him Az Republic reporter Gardiner.
We already have had another official just last week which seems to becoming the norm (Republican speaker of the Az. House, Gowan) who tried to seek retribution against the Az. press and a specific reporter for exposing him in a scandal by banning many of the press from the house floor where they have always traditionally been allowed to operate in the Arizona legislature.
So after councilman Nowakowski snubbed the reporter Mr. Gardiner of the Arizona Republic by saying he only took questions from real reporters ….
Now…He again snubs our brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ community by making up excuses for insulting them by not meeting with them.
Nowakowski has been exposed for the nascious smell of corruption coming from his occupation of the city council position as city councilman for Phoenix district #7. But Nowakowski also has a history of arrogantly doing whatever the eff he wants even when it comes to flagrantly meeting with monsters like the criminal against humanity Joe Arpaio. In 2013 despite the pleadings of the civil rights and immigrants rights community not to do so (the statement by a local human rights group about this meeting is posted in the comments below) Nowakowski went ahead anyways and very publicly met with the monster and civil rights violator Arpaio.
No, I have watched personally from the audience while attending Phoenix city council meetings the behavior of Phoenix district #7 council person Nowakowski for 4 years and he …now arrogantly collaborates more than ever with the repugnant right wing extremist Sal Diciccio. I watched Nowakowski collaborate in concert with Diciccio while pandering and kissing up to an audience of right wing evangelicals who were in attendance at least in several Phx. city council meetings as he tried to force public prayer back into Phoenix meetings. Then… I personally watched as Nowakowski decried how public schools were now much worse in quality because they no longer had forced public prayer.
In conclusion… Nowakowski likes to say essentially that he is being persecuted because of his personal religious beliefs as a Catholic but … the horrible hate filled statement (the one that he got caught making and I emphasize… the word: one, because we don’t know how many more he made to these right wing extremists) wasnot made in his private residence or even outside of city hall… He made this statement in one of the official meeting rooms of city hall in his official capacity as city council person for Phoenix council district #7 conducting city business.
Perhaps if councilman Nowakowski wants to claim that he was only speaking as a private citizen he would be believed if he hadn’t been speaking in his official capacity as a Phoenix city council person to a group of extremely conservative evangelical ministers in the city meeting room of Phoenix city hall.
I feel that Nowakowski is dangerous because if he would act so arrogantly and thumb his nose repeatedly at his own constituents and members of his own political party… who have pleaded with him to observe human rights in his capacity as city council person…What else might he do. And, remember while he has been doing all of these hateful things he has been embroiled in a very large scandal in which he has already brought a great stink upon Phoenix city call. This smell has been caused by his allegedly conducting filthy land deals to enrich himself indirectly by enriching the organization he works for.
I know a lot of my friends like him (Nowakowski) and say how nice he is but remember … He is a politician speaking out of two sides of his mouth and he has no qualms about giving hate speech towards a whole group of people because of their sexual orientations to curry political favor with right wing group of extremists who wish to re-install their hateful version of ignorance and homophobia back into the official operations of Phoenix city government.
Please… brothers and sisters … don’t give into the “pity card” that is now continually and sickeningly being played by some in the press and in the political establishment to make excuses for politicians like Nowakowski … because someone has to think about the people they are harming whether with hate speech aimed towards our brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ community of Phoenix and in Arizona.
Leonard Clark
Phoenix, Arizona activist,
Straight ally
public Facebook press release from the civil rights group from Tonatierra below…
Date: February 11, 2013
Phoenix, Aztlan (Where the spirit of truth lives)
What is the question thousands of readers of the Phoenix New Times and The Prensa Hispana, are asking themselves a few days after Sheriff Joe launched Raid 71 against migrant workers in the Sportex garment factory? It is the same question made by Stephen Lemmons of Phoenix New times to Michael Nowakowski. Stephen Lemmons said in his article, “I asked Nowakowski, who is also executive vice president of the Cesar Chavez Foundation’s Radio Campesina network, what could possibly be achieved by kibbutzing with a monster like Arpaio.”
“It’s the beginning of a dialogue,” he said. “And as long as there is no dialogue, I don’t believe there’s a way of changing the way the sheriff thinks or acts.”
The problem is, there is no dialogue. It is part of Joe Arpaio’s campaign to divide our community now that there is a well-funded and highly visible campaign to recall him. Michael Nowakowski, appearance with Joe Arpaio on Twitter and then la Prensa Hispana has impacted negatively on the image of the UFW, the organization founded by Cesar Chavez, and also the Radio Campesina. How can Michael be so naïve to negatively impact the image of Radio Campesina associating it with the image of Joe Arpaio, the most hated tyrant in our community? How can Michael associate the memory of Cesar Chavez with Joe Arpaio? What was he thinking as a representative of the city of Phoenix, chosen by our community, allying himself with the worst enemy of our community?
Members of the Barrio Defense Committees and the victims of Arpaio’s raids, some of which are part of our movement, ask Michael Nowakowski if he has seen the tears and the fear of 3 and 4 year old children? If he has talked to the sons and daughters of the workers detained for exercising their human right to work? How can Michael let himself be used by the worst tyrant in Arizona? Is Michael so innocent not to see Arpaio’s effort to divide and weaken the recall campaign led by Randy Parraz against Arpaio?
We are ardent admirers of Cesar Chavez and in the memory of Cesar Chavez and our own Gustavo Gutiérrez, we ask Michael to apologize publicly for his indiscretion. As an elected representative, if he wants to continue a relevant political life, he cannot ignore the feelings of the community and thousands of families affected by Joe Arpaio.
It was a disgusting scene to see Joe Arpaio and Michael Nowakowski side by side. Arpaio immediately after the media coup launched Raid number 71 destroying thousands of families. Unfortunately it was the Devil’s messenger typical response to Michael and the pastors. Apparently the people meeting with Arpaio have not learned from what happened to Elías Bermúdez when he knelt to Arpaio asking him not deport families? Arpaio answered him derisively, “I am not God for you to kneel before me.” It is very clear; the exorcism by 35 evangelical pastors did not work with Joe. It is time to stop playing games with Arpaio and join the recall. Signing the petition to remove Arpaio from office is the only logical responses to his horrible actions.
Tonatierra Press Release
Date: February 11, 2013
Phoenix, Aztlan (Donde vive el espíritu de la verdad)
¿Cual es la pregunta de miles de lectores del Phoenix New Times y La Prensa Hispana unos días después que el Sheriff Joe lanzó su redada 71 contra los trabajadores migrantes en la fabrica de ropa Sportex? Es la misma que Stephen Lemmons del periódico Phoenix New Times le hizo a Michael Nowakowski en un artículo el sábado pasado. Dice Lemmons, “pregunte a Nowakowski, quien es también vicepresidente ejecutivo de la red de Radio Campesina de la Fundación César Chávez, ¿lo que posiblemente podría lograrse parlamentando con un monstruo como Arpaio?” El contesto que “es el principio de un diálogo.” Añadió, “mientras no hay ningún diálogo, no creo que hay una manera de cambiar la forma que el sheriff piensa o actúa.”
El problema es que no se trata de ningún diálogo. Es parte de la campaña de Joe Arpaio para dividir a nuestra comunidad ahora que existe una campaña bien financiada y altamente visible para destituirlo de su cargo de Sheriff del Condado Maricopa. Michael Nowakowski acompañado de Joe Arpaio, en fotos publicadas por Arpaio en su Twitter y después en la Prensa Hispana impactarán negativamente en la imagen de la organización de Cesar Chávez, La Unión de Campesinos, y por supuesto en la Radio Campesina. ¿Como puede aliarse la imagen de la Radio Campesina con la del Sheriff mas odiado de nuestra comunidad? ¿Como puede aliarse la memoria de Cesar Chávez con la de Joe Arpaio? ¿Que estaba pensando un representante de la Ciudad de Phoenix, elegido por nuestra comunidad, al aliarse con el peor enemigo de nuestra comunidad?
Los miembros del Comité de Defensa de Barrio y las víctimas de las redadas de Arpaio, algunos de los que forman parte de nuestro movimiento, le preguntamos a Michael Nowakowski ¿si ha visto las lágrimas y el miedo de niños de 3 y 4 años de edad? ¿Si ha hablado con los hijos e hijas de los trabajadores detenidos por ejercer su derecho humano al trabajo? ¿Como puede dejarse utilizar por el verdugo de Arizona en su afán de debilitar la campaña para destituirlo encabezada por Randy Parraz?
Sabemos de la historia de Cesar Chávez y la lucha de trabajadores agrícolas y en la memoria de César Chávez y nuestro propio Gustavo Gutiérrez le pedimos a Michael disculparse públicamente por su indiscreción de ignorar los sentimientos de la comunidad y miles de familias afectadas por Joe Arpaio.
Fue una escena repugnante ver a Joe Arpaio y Michael Nowakowski, (nuestro representante en la Ciudad De Phoenix, y también representante de la Radio Campesina y la Fundación Cesar Chávez). al lado del verdugo que inmediatamente después de la reunión lanzo su redada 71 desbaratando familias. Esa fue la respuesta a Michael y a los Pastores del mensajero del diablo. ¿Que no aprendieron de lo que le paso a Elías Bermúdez cuando se le arrodillo pidiéndole lo mismo? Arpaio dijo burlonamente, “no soy Dios pa’ que se me hinquen.” Eso es claro, ni el exorcismo de los pastores cambio su corazón. Ya es tiempo de dejar de jugar con Arpaio y destituirlo firmando la petición para sacarlo con el voto y no dejarnos usar como lo hizo Michael en su afán de publicidad.images

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