Mainstream media remains silent on the fact that the Democratic party might have just lost Millennials “for a generation”

“By cheating Bernie and voters of the right to vote the Democratic party establishment is cutting off its nose to spite its face
Democratic party may have lost Millennials for a generation”
Just as president Johnson might have stated the Democratic Party had “lost the South for a generation” …
due his signing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act …
The corrupt corporate Clinton syndicate might have just caused the Democratic Party to have lost our Millennial brothers and sisters for a generation. And of course, this tragic loss to the Democratic Party is not happening because of some great and noble sacrifice like the signing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act …
No, this is happening because of the outright greed and lust for power of many of our top Democratic leadership and their bowing down to their corporate masters who feed theme plenty of blood money $$$ for their sold out loyalty that was once to a constitutional Democratic Republic and to their Democratic party ideals.
Oh shiza ! And did I mention rigged elections, voter suppression and a militarized police being tragically used to intimidate its own people and imprison them in an American gulag system that even puts Putin’s Russia and one party China to shame on ?
You see at this point brothers and sisters our sometimes not so benevolent kings that are now posing as our Democratically elected and appointed leaders are counting on their own warped version on what is known as “Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs” a theory that holds that human beings will remain content if only their bellies remain full, they have a roof over their heads and that they are provided …like the grown children that they are with versions of American Idol to be entertained as they sit mesmerized and oblivious to the dying Democratic Republic collapsing around them.
But the one thing that they (the benevolent kings) arrogantly dismiss are those of us who are coming together non-violently not just here in Arizona and in the United States but around the world using this powerful new printing press of the 21st century known as the Internet and the powerful new paradigm from within it known as social media.
Brothers and sisters …I I know and believe in every fiber of my being and in my heart and soul that you and I are seekers of the truth and of the light.
And for me personally that light which we seek is love and humanity and a constitutional Democracy that is for real and not fake as the beautiful people of Iceland continually prove to all of us repeatedly by throwing their theiving bankers in jail and their corrupt ministers out of office.
Right now, I’m sure you’ll all be stunned to know that a small group of corrupt political, religious and corporate leaders are running here in the United States what should really be for all intents and purposes known as a “Sham Democracy”.
So …Lets do something about it non-violently! We really do owe it to our children or who ever your loved ones are to halt the destruction of our constitutional Democratic Republic at the hands of these corrupt tyrannical benevolent kings that now run our government and whom dole it out to the highest billionaire corporate bidder!
Now … I know you all have ideas on how to accomplish this as well as I … So please comment and make suggestions but also remember to let us be gracious to each other and to not let our righteous cause for love and humanity be conquered by the division’s from within which is what the benevolent kings want. And please let us remember that provocateurs will be sent to cause our dis-union by the corrupt tyrants to which I have been speaking above.
So please, even though I know that you and I will do our best to not be lulled back into the complacency and apathy of before … We must remember the very folks whom we know and love are going to need to be persuaded and convinced to not be lulled back into complaceny and apathy and will ask us …
Why they should care?” And, it will take all the perserverence, love and compassion that we have to convince them that fighting for a Democracy is not a waste of time but rather one of the most noble and righteous things they can do with their lives.
Lennie Clark
progressive activist
progressive Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Arizona

Published by

leonard clark

I am an Arizona Progressive veteran who is concerned not only for myself but my loved ones and my progeny. I am deeply interested in the world and universe.

8 thoughts on “Mainstream media remains silent on the fact that the Democratic party might have just lost Millennials “for a generation””

  1. Little late to the party friend. If you care to know when we were sold down the river do a little research on when our trolley and short rail was bought up and carried to the scrap yard so cars, oil and tires would be needed.


  2. Sadly as it happens, if we are all forced to vote for the ‘lesser of two evils’, Evil still wins.

    That said, if the only way she can win with a trustworthiness problem (her own statements throughout the campaign kept raining bombs on her as they were… to be kind… ‘factually inaccurate’ or to be real…. outright lies) is to have the scum under the bottom of the barrel to run against. We are faced with someone that we know who as an ‘equal partner’ with her husband that screwed over the American People and sold us out just as all ‘good’ Republican politicians do…

    I’ll say this, when…. not if… WHEN shit hits the fan…. At best she’ll be a one-term President succeeded by President Warren in four years taken in a Democratic primary or at worst she’ll be the first Clinton successfully impeached and booted out of office….. by Democrats.

    If the worst case scenario happens…. God help us all…. If the economy breaks again…. She and ALL Republicans will be to blame….. People wouldn’t be symbolically burning billionaires and corporate leaders in effegy…. they’ll be burned alive as a statement to the politicans. We never had a ‘French Revolution’ because our scumbag rulers were an ocean away…. during ‘our’ American Revolution. Now we know that it’s the billionaires…. even in the perpetually lied to GOP voters (who got the word thanks (sadly) to Trump) know who’s in charge and been screwing them over. They have far more guns than even our own military and are just pissed off and crazy-paranoid enough thanks to Fox News to actually do stuff about it. We Democrats are peaceful…. that said, we won’t come to the aid of people who’ve screwed us over (I’d bring marshmellows…jk). We are done with ‘nice’ and ‘politically correct’ we are going to be real and raise our voices and cut down those who lie. The truth shall set you free.

    Feel the Bern now from us…. or feel the BURN later from them….


  3. BERNIE SANDERS still in the race to WIN !!! CROOK State of New YORK, they are the ones ruined Americas Economy ,,and also ISRAEL factor ,JUST LIKE ARIZONA,NEW YORK also RENDERED THEMSELVES IRRELEVANT. 43% BERNIE to 57% HILLARY,(her home state LOL) THAT IS NOT A BIG WIN ,and that is despite the ELECTION FRAUD , she will get 27 more delegates than Bernie, that is it ,Bernie picked that much last week from COLORADO , WE WILL support and cheer for BERNIE SANDERS , he accomplished more than Obama in New York against Hillary, remember she won like this margin against Obama in New York (2008 Obama 920. today BERNIE 1153) and neither her and or her husband got the nomination after CALIFORNIA ? 548 delegates OHH YEAH. , We will move forward for Bernie and he is still the Winner nationally.BERNIE 2016. delegate difference is 265 right now was 263 before New York so +2 to be correct …long way to go, 1,468 still up for grab ,GO Bernie ! STOP THE LIES , NOT OVER UNTILL CALIFORNIA SINGS, if NOT, we , all Bernie supporters , vote for Trump 2016.he is better than Hillary!


  4. Us the elder ones our heart yearns only for truth because truth shall set us free. It is but truthful tat we dobt give for Bern And His wife has not given up for US the forgotten many. Licoln ssaid “God MUST HAVE LOVE COMMON FOR HE HAVE MADE THEM PLENNT “_”, I RECOMMEND FOR BERNIE GORE TEAM PRESIDENCCY. UNDER THE INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATIC REPRESENTATIONAL PARTY.


  5. Jefferson said every generation should have their own government. If we can’t make this one work for our people due to oligarchy and corruption, it’s time to change it and start over. We take our government back, or start over. Which will it be? The first is preferable. But 2 parties are simply an invitation for corruption. People need choice, freedom from dark $ in elections, freedom from corporate influence in electoral and congressional processes, as well as a press that is truly free.


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