MSNBC’S Chris Matthews Defends Washington Establishment Viciously Calls Bernie A Liar !


Go Bernie !

We’re not ever giving up ! Bernie is much more than just a Democratic Party candidate … He is a progressive movement come to throw corrupt elites like Chris Matthews out of power !

Dear Bernie… We know you are a nice guy but… We just aren’t going to take these lying vicious attacks on you by MSNBC’S sold out hosts anymore !
Yours truly,
your Bernie posse 🙂


Also brothers and sisters…Sign our petition with Move On to get MSNBC leadership to have their lackey Matthews apologize for the clearly misleading statement. We need to let MSNBC’S corporate leadership we are not going to take this crap anymore and that it will definitely effect their bottom line if Matthews doesn’t apologize !

Our vote is Sacred ! And, just know brothers and sisters that here in Arizona we are not giving up the fight for Democracy!



Chris Matthews epitomizes the right wing wing “Vichy” conservative corporate Democrat who as a journalist leads the assault on what is left of the real Democrats in the Democratic Party.

Imagine that… We, progressive Democrats are now metaphorically being told by these sell out Vichy Democrats that we are no longer welcome in our own Democratic house and that we need to pack our bags and go … Well I got news for these Vichy corporate sell outs like the fake Democrat Chris Matthews …
I’m not going anywhere and .. As a matter of fact … MSNBC should now be viewed in the same vein as Faux news ! Ah but wait …
At least with Faux news we know that they are a fascist organization owned by the Murdoch and Saudia families but…

With MSNBC … We have an exponentially more dangerous opponent because they like any traitor who claims to be on your side ideologically and whom you trust has the potential to defeat you from “within” as they sell out to the corporations, foreign governments and Koch brothers of the world that they claim to oppose with you.

And this again, means that not just Chris Matthews but the whole Vichy corporate Democratic elite who now put a knife in the back of the progressive Democratic movement should not ever be given our trust again…

They (the Corporate sell out Vichy Democratic elite) spout that they are fighting for the party ideals of love and humanity which were supposed to be in the Democratic Party platform but instead are betraying us from within our own ranks by taking Dark money and viciously attacking a “real Democrat” like Bernie Sanders.
So please brothers and sisters… don’t forget those amongst us who chose $$$ and power and elite worship over our Democratic ideals …
They, the corporate Vichy Democrats have committed the worst of philosophical offenses for choosing to be apart of a gang that now for all intents and purposes has hijacked our Democratic Party and fools many of our well meaning grass roots brothers and sisters who follow them blindly without understanding that they are now only enabling  a glorified corporate and racketeering gang who call themselves our Democratic leadership.

Benedict Arnold was not reviled so much because he was “just a traitor ” but because he had a special place in the hearts of his fellow countryman who loved and trusted him as a military hero of the revolution but then who took that trust and sold it to the highest bidder which was the enemy come to destroy us.

No brothers and sisters it is time to throw these corrupt rats (apologies to rats) like Matthews (and his sold out MSNBC) out of our Democratic Party and progressive circles after they betrayed the trust we had in them not to sell out.

This group of corporate Vichy Democrats needs to go join the Clinton syndicate and lobby for arms deals (as they tell us they are for gun regulation) or work for big pharma like the fake sell out Howard Dean.

fight right

Perhaps they can make it official and honestly file their own political party with the name that truly befits them… The sold out Corporate Vichy Democratic/Republican Party.
Leonard Clark
Arizona activist
April 24th, 2016


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leonard clark

I am an Arizona Progressive veteran who is concerned not only for myself but my loved ones and my progeny. I am deeply interested in the world and universe.

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