Az Judge Rules Against Free and Fair Elections Lawsuit!

Fellow Bernie supporters…We are not discouraged. At this time we would like to thank Bernie for at least having inspired many of us enough to care again and we want him and all of you brothers and sisters to know…That the non-violent fight for Bernie and Free and Fair elections goes on in Arizona ūüôā


brakeyandattorney      rigged

So the powerful elites continue to rule over us……I bet you’re all stunned to hear this but remember brothers and sisters…

This two day court hearing was “only one battle, not the war”. Please, please, please don’t give up. You can go over to and scroll down to the very bottom left hand side and there it will say: A.R.S. which means Arizona Revised Statutes. Within these statutes that pertain mainly to election law are titles 16 and 19 but no means are they the only ones. Please, study over them and obtain the knowledge that they don’t want you to obtain. Use your social media and any other non-violent way you can to spread the word that there the election system is rigged in Arizona and therefore free and equal elections are not being held in Arizona.

Today, a Maricopa county Arizona superior court judge named David Gass ruled against the Election rights activist John Brakey in his lawsuit against the Arizona Secretary of State, Pima, Maricopa and Santa Cruz counties. The lawsuit alleged  election fraud on the part of certain Arizona elections officials.

The judge declared that in order to prove fraud as alleged, a very high bar of evidence had to be presented and … he believed that in finding against the plaintiff Mr. Brakey that the high bar of evidence had not been met. The judge went on further to say para-phrasing: The problems he had seen should have been addressed before the election by the people going and complaining to their elections officials and demanding more polling stations. So.. of course… it is as Purcell says: “The people’s fault”…NOT !

And, while we are on the subject of Maricopa county recorder Purcell and her lackey elections director Osborne…I found it very interesting that these two powerful elections officials who have been entrenched in their positions for almost 30 years sat the entire two day trial in the front row behaving with their usual creepy behavior which is to sit in stony silence facing forward always staring at the judge as if to remind him that:

Whether he liked it or not he was sitting in a Maricopa county court room and that they had influence over his career and whether it would advance or he would go no farther in it. Also, keep in mind that these two elections officials sit ensconced like to two politico warlords always arrogantly, stony faced silent ruling over their political fiefdom as that “stare”.

The judge had declared at the beginning of the hearing/trial for disclosure purposes that he was friends or acquaintances with most of the government officials over whom he was officiating at this trial because this was Maricopa county and he was a Maricopa county Superior court judge.

While I appreciate the judge doing this…I don’t believe for a second that he did this to be nice…He did this so that later when others would say he was unduly ¬†influenced and ¬†even intimidated by a group of people he was going to make a decision on that he could say: “hey… I was honest I told you that I knew these people and was even friends with some of them.

But, this is the problem with our judicial system in Arizona brothers and sisters… It is a very small world sociologically of political elites and the very appointment process itself almost exclusively locks out any judges who are not either an establishment Democrat or establishment Republican.

The government lawyers for the state and county were also it seemed allowed to ask all the softball questions they wanted while almost censoring every question our lawyer wanted to ask and this pointed out to me that this was most definately a joke of a trial for free and fair elections !

In fact….one nice elderly lady came forth after the hearing and stated to all of us that she and her friend had done just what the judge had said to do and had gone to their political leaders and the city of Tempe to demand more polling stations. And this sweet lady stated that they were then shunted off to Maricopa county elections where she stated that they might have added one polling station but that if they did…The lines were still huge in the area where she voted.

And from the very beginning of the trial the defense attorneys representing the Arizona Secretary of State, Helen Purcell (Maricopa county elections director) and Pima county’s attorneys among others tried to have the case alleging election fraud dismissed. The motions to dismiss in the beginning were justified by the defense attorneys stating that the statutory time limit had been exceeded. The judge denied those motions though due to the fact that he believed that the law allowed the plaintiff to exceed the timeline if “the state” took up action in hearing the case and therefore the statutory deadline could then be extended.

There were many other motions to dismiss but the judge denied and allowed the trial to continue for a full day and then a second day in an evidentiary hearing. Witnesses were examined and cross examined. From the get go the attorneys representing secretary of state Michele Reagan and Helen Purcell along with the other counties represented did their best to limit and censor witness testimony of voters who had been suppressed from voting or who had been obstructed in voting. They based their requests to limit our witnesses by asking the judge to limit the amount of “lay witnesses” and to increase the testimony from only so called “professional witnesses”.¬†Purcell’s and Reagan’s attorneys then went to on to essentially challenge the credintials of Mr. Brakey’s expert witnesses. The judge himself asking questions and becoming very skeptical.

Once John Brakey’s courageous attorney Mr. Kielsky called up the witnesses they were almost allowed to say nothing from the constant objections of Reagan’s and Purcell’s lawyers who would state things like: “leading, speculating, opinion, not in the scope of the ¬†witnesses testimony, etc.

Then when Mr. Brakey’s attorney called for Maricopa county recorder Helen Purcell to take the stand her lawyer and the other lawyers put up a fight and said it was not necessary for her to take the stand based upon the allegations made. So, in Purcell’s place was sent another Maricopa county elections official who among other things was determined by Brakey’s attorney to be the trouble shooter for Maricopa county elections during the Presidential Preference Election.

He looked visibly nervous and almost every time he was asked a question by Mr. Kielsky he could not give a response due to the constant objections of the Maricopa and Secretary of State’s lawyers protecting him from saying anything that might reveal the inner workings of Purcell’s Maricopa county elections operations.

The judge “sustained” these objections almost every time in effect shutting down many of the responses the Maricopa county elections official was about to give.

Another Maricopa county elections worker was called up and this worker stated on the stand that she was the trainer for poll workers that worked during the election. Through her more information was garnered but still…The objections of Purcell’s and Reagan’s lawyers continued greatly limiting her responses. She told Mr. Kielsky that a push screen electronic voting was set up for people who did not have the right ballot. When asked why the wrong ballots were handed out anyways when at least one precinct ran out of the right ballots for the districts that voters were voting in she could not give an answer.

In the course of the two day trial/hearing: Our people suing the government officials brought forth an expert witness who stated that he had read the excellent Anonymous report showing that hacking could take place in Arizona’s election system but the judge and the government attorneys scoffed and essentially stated laughingly that: Anonymous’s information and research could not be used because they weren’t known. But, thanks to Anonymous we do know that Arizona’s election system has been hacked and therefore compromised.

In bringing the hearing to a close, the defense stated that the allegations were not proven and that the trial should not go on. Mr. Kielsky, the attorney representing Mr. Brakey for free and fair elections in Arizona stated that it would not be logical to believe from observing the amount of witnesses testifying that voter suppression did took place.

The judge also stated today that this was his summarized statement on the hearing. Tomorrow, he stated that he would be issuing his full decision.

In the end…the political establishment officials that either directly or indirectly suppressed votes and violated Arizona’s constitution article II ¬†section 21, Free and equal elections¬†clause, hope we go to sleep again brothers and sisters and be like “good little children”. Let’s not give them their wish.

The bells of liberty are not tolling for their own demise…The bells we hear are ringing for the re-birth of this Democratic Spring taking hold in Arizona and the rest of the nation.

Constitution of the state of Arizona: Article II, Declaration of Rights

&21 Free and Equal Elections

“All elections shall be free and equal and no power, civil or military, shall at any time interfere to prevent the free exercise of the rights of suffrage.”

Leonard Clark

Arizona progressive activist

April 26, 2016


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