Viva Democracy Down With The Clinton Syndicate!


Brothers and sisters…
Someone has been trying to trigger some type of Facebook algorithm to limit my postings on Facebook. In addition as you no doubt have heard my deepest suspicions about this filthy corporate Clinton candidate and family syndicate appear to have been confirmed … This oligarchic candidate is using super pacs and dark money to silence the free speech of her Bernie opponents..
This last act of Corporate Clinton Villany is the last straw… I would no more support her then I would have supported Benedict Arnold had he returned back to the United States after his betrayal of our cause. Hillary Clinton is more dangerous simply bbecause even a “foe” that you know standing in front of you (trump) is sometimes less dangerous then the “betrayer” standing behind whom you trust. And, it is precisely that trust that some of our friends give to the Corporate candidate because she has a “D” in front of her name that makes her much more dangerous to our cause …

That is why we end up with traties like NAFTA because our friends  trust some Democratic leaders to stand up for the ideals and principles that their party is supposed to stand for yet ..When it comes time for them (these fake Vichy Democrats like Clinton) to stand up we get a big knife in the back. The corporate Vichy Democratic candidate is ironically no Democrat at all and she is much more dangerous to our cause as a plan “an B” then our Fascist opponent because we fight him as many others have to do should he get in the White House but if our back stabbing corporate Democrat gets in the White House … It will be with this response that we get from those that think anything with a “D” in front it’s name is better : “oh sit down and shut up ! Hrc is a Democrat there’s nothing we can do!”

…We cannot know what this Vichy Democratic candidate will do next…
Now…all the ghosts of those dead surrounding the Clinton’s rise to power … Don’t seem like such a made up thing.
Please immediately establish emergency alternative modes of contact to be used if this anti-Democratic campaign by the corporate Clinton’s and Kich brothers get us censored or banned from Facebook.
If you have good friends or family members who will share your posts should you get attacked by the Clinton syndicate bullies… That would be another excellent means of contact.
Two other emergency forms of contact that I have should these Clinton syndicate anti Democracy forces succeed in getting me censored or banned from Facebook are my email and Twitter communications … please private message me for them.

I am deeply troubled that the CEO of Facebook due to his support of the corporate Clinton syndicate is not just allowing but is actually contributing to the UN-DEMOCRATIC efforts to censor Bernie supporters by the Clinton syndicate or those that support the Clinton syndicate.
PS :
Our primary and presidential elections have been rigged as well. Please come together non violently brothers and sisters to put a stop to this !
Leonard Clark
human rights activist


Published by

leonard clark

I am an Arizona Progressive veteran who is concerned not only for myself but my loved ones and my progeny. I am deeply interested in the world and universe.

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