We need to re-take our Democracy and restore free and equal elections in Arizona !



Actually both parties work like two mafia gangs suppressing their enemies at the polling booth and… in Maricopa county their two gate keepers Purcell (R) and Osborne (D) do just that.

This ensures that no candidate who violates the oligarchic/corporate status quo (Bernie) and is left of center (Bernie) is ever going to win in Maricopa or Arizona state wide.
Arizona is a banana republic where its residents are patronized like children and lied to like suckers by its ruling elite in both parties. Most of the elite leadership in the Arizona Democratic Party are now just acting like a gang protecting their turf and lying to their members by telling them it’s all really about party principles when all its really about is personal continuance of power and personal enrichment.
A prime example of this sell out by many of our so called elite Democratic leaders is their very public appeasement and support of the mafia Koch brothers Az governor himself Doug Ducey and his very fraudulent prop 123. The following link details Ducey’s famiy ties to the organized crime:


While our so called Democratic leaders tell us to fight the “good fight” .., They work WITH right wing extremist Az governor Ducey and his extremist legislature in stealing our children’s education funding! And… Oh did I mention the Koch brothers sly support of their lackey governor Ducey’s prop 123 ? Not to mention the big developers that want this prop 123 to go through ?

Sorry some but not all Az Dem leaders have succumbed to $$$ and that is why they support this horrible fraudulent Ducey prop 123 scheme !
And please don’t say that teachers want this fraud passed because there’s no guarantee they will get any pay raise at all if prop 123 passes and teachers I know eschew it big time !

And… If you say that the AEA (the teacher’s association) supports this : Big Deal ! The AEA should be ashamed of itself because the few teachers they are putting on their commercial stating they support prop 123 are a hand picked handful! I know teachers who belong to the AEA and they do not support this Ducey Koch brothers scheme ! In fact… My teacher friends have told me the leadership of the AEA never officially polled them to get their opinions on this prop 123 fraud !
Sounds like some leaders of Az AEA are banking some Jackson’s $$$ to go against their rank and file members on this !
We have to re -take our Democracy back because of our leaders have sold us out !
Leonard Clark
Az human rights activist
April 28th, 2016


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leonard clark

I am an Arizona Progressive veteran who is concerned not only for myself but my loved ones and my progeny. I am deeply interested in the world and universe.

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