Sorry fellow vets…This man insults P.O.W.s . and veterans… He is a hypocrite/Chicken Hawk


Believe me I understand why we can’t stand Hillary and the Clinton syndicate…

But what I don’t understand is how my veteran brothers and sisters can support Trump, a man who insulted POWs, a man worked in New York City to ban disabled veterans from being able to hold vendor licenses a man who never wore the uniform. Trump is a monster… But, he is a monster of the two-party duopoly’s making. They, the Republican and Democratic parties by allowing corruption to become entrenched in their upper echelons… Brought this monster on we citizens who now have to clean up the mess.


This is what happens when we let the corrupt leadership in the two-party duopoly which really runs this country cause huge danger to what is left of our constitutional Democratic Republic by a monster like Trump. To my fellow veterans who support Trump I ask you to please, please, please… Look at what he has done and said about veterans. this man claims he is a friend of veterans he is no friend of veterans he is a danger to the Republic… I am in a quandary because I… Do not support the Clinton syndicate they represent the corruption that is destroying our Democratic Party and destroying our Constitutional Democratic Republic and actually opened the rest of us up to such a large threat to the Republic.  As whole, I am truly now a Democratic Socialist in the vein of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Bernie Sanders.


Hillary and Trump represent extremism… one (Hillary along with her corrupt colleagues in both political parties) condemns our Republic to “death by a thousand cuts” while the other… Trump, condemns our Republic to quick death by decapitation of the metaphorical guillotine.

Leonard Clark

Arizona activist

U.S. Army veteran

May 28, 2016


Papers filed for new Democratic Socialist party in Az.

Our two party duopoly is corrupt and they have rigged our elections.
We need multi-political parties!
The Arizona Democratic Socialist party.
Here is the link to our Facebook page if you would like to check us out:
Are we to be ruled by benevolent kings or we are to be ruled by ourselves in a constitutional Democratic Republic?
We speak of “shadow governments” but it is very clear now that in the United States we live under two systems of government: A constitutional Democratic Republic that is purportedly still in force and a second unwritten form of government that is concealed from us but whose effects are none the less being exposed more and more every day. But since we have been culturally conditioned to the lies that have been right in front of us and told to us by smiling politicians (especially since the coup/assassination of president Kennedy) people still cannot believe that benevolent kings do indeed rule them in America today.
It is for these reasons mentioned above that a highly entrenched corruption in the leadership of both major political parties of the United States has now spread to the point of no return…
It is due to this political corruption which has brought us to a point of no return that I have now filed the paperwork for a new political party in Arizona and in Maricopa county with both elections offices.
The name of that party is the Arizona Democratic Socialist Party”. At this time we do not have to give up our party memberships in the Democratic party to sign the petitions to the get the required amount of signatures so as to be listed on the ballot in 2018. So, if we do not make it onto the ballot then we can still fight the corporate leadership crooks who run the Democratic party non-violently from within the Democratic party.
So, when your friends tell you they can’t sign the official petitions from Maricopa county and the Arizona secretary of state because they belong to another political party you can tell them not to worry because they are allowed to sign those petitions.
And, when your friends ask you if they are voting by signing for another political party… You can tell them in all honesty that they are only signing these new political party petitions to get on the ballot via the Democratic traditional path and that they will have a Democratic choice to say yes or no to the candidates the Democratic Socialist slate and who appear on the ballot. 🙂
The filing number for the petition and political action committee from the Arizona secretary of state’s election office is: 201600592.
Please sign if you can and if you can’t please spread the word that in Arizona we have a Democratic Socialist movement/political party trying to get on the ballot so as to get Democratic Socialist candidates on the ballot.
Leonard Clark
Democratic Socialist
Arizona progressive activist
May 25, 2016

I am suspending my U.S. Senate Campaign. in Az. and ask my corporate dem opponent Ann Kirkpatrick to stop supporting Oak Flat!


Brothers and sisters, I am suspending my campaign for the U.S. Senate in Arizona.  I want to thank you for your support of our U.S. Senate campaign and  … I want thank you for your strong support of our beloved  U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders in his campaign for the U.S. presidency. I ask you to continue to support him because he as well as the rest of us are coming under attack from the corporate/corrupt dark money machine of the other candidate who has chosen to represent corporations and use her influence to rig and steal elections.

In addition as our U.S. Senate campaign comes to a close I would like to ask you to demand with me that my corporate Democrat opponent (supporter of Hillary) Ann Kirkpatrick immediately renounce her support of the impending cultural and environmental crime against humanity here in Arizona that is going to occur with the construction of the poisonous and desecrating mine at Oak Flat.

This impending crime against humanity is tragically going to continue the legacy by both major political parties in the United States and in Arizona (John McCain, Paul Gosar, Ann Kirkpatrick et. al.) of cultural and environmental genocide against our brothers and sisters in the great “first nations” so please … Try and help us bring our state of Arizona into the year 2016 because the two major parties are going to keep us right here in the year 1916.

In this particular case …Despite the pleadings and protests of our Apache brothers and sisters…Ann Kirkpatrick and John McCain are continuing their strong support and direct involvement with this impending crime against humanity that will continue the legacy of bigotry and racism towards the great sovereign first nations that reside within our borders not to mention violate the rights to our children and their progeny to have clean air, water and land. In addition to violating the civil, cultural and environmental rights of our brothers and sisters in the great First Nation of the  Apache people… The sovereignty of the United States is also being violated by the presence of a foreign mining corporation that has been allowed by McCain and Kirkpatrick to come our beloved Arizona and poison it in direct contradiction to the wishes of president Eisenhower when he approved this area to be for recreation.

It is for this reason that unless my corporate Democrat opponent Ann Kirkpatrick specifically and sincerely takes an oath to swear in writing that she will not support now or in the future the construction of the poisonous and desecrating mine at Oak Flat Arizona and…That she will take vigorous action to oppose it that I will withhold my support for her as the Democratic nominee from Arizona for the U.S. Senate. Further…She MUST support and co-sponsor Democratic congressman Raul Grijalva who has sponsored house bill 2811 to stop the mine at Oak Flat and… She must also publicly support Senator Bernie Sander’s U.S. Senate bill to also stop the construction of the foreign corporate mine at Oak Flat. If Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick does not do this she will continue to show that the Arizona Democratic party is supporting candidates that treat our Indigenous brothers and sisters of the First Nations like it is still the year 1916 rather then the year 2016.


Brothers and sisters… Please do not give up the non-violent fight even as we are being attacked from the corporate shills in the media and else where for standing behind U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders to restore our Constitutional Democratic Republic and for free and fair elections to be held in Arizona and the U.S. which to a large extent are compromised and rigged.

I will see you at the barricades and always have you in my thoughts beautiful brothers and sisters… Thanks to all of you and to our senator Bernie Sanders for continuing to inspire me. 🙂



Leonard Clark

Democratic Progressive Socialist candidate for the U.S. Senate in Arizona

May 24th, 2016.



Az. Treasurer: Backers of Prop 123 paid off AZ legislators!

Okay brothers and sisters… Here is the present situation as I see it that our state of Arizona is in:

Arizona governor Ducey is now in more arbitrary control of our state government then any other Arizona governor in recent/modern memory…He has just successfully signed a bill to stack our state supreme court with two extra judges and right before that appointed another extremist right wing lawyer (Clint Bolick of the Goldwater Institute) as a judge to that very court. It should be added that all justices on the Arizona Supreme Court opposed this power grab by this power hungry governor Ducey.

Next, Ducey has apparently secured $20,000,000 from the Arizona legislature (that we know of)  for so called security on the Arizona border with Mexico.

Really, what this really means is that he will be expanding his Arizona Highway Patrol police force into his own little “mini army” so serve his needs. He does this in spite of opposition from different county sheriffs in whose territory Ducey’s little “off the shelf” little arbitrary police army will be operating.

Prop 123:

Ducey has been bragging since yesterday about his rigged electoral prop 123 win. Be prepared for the comparisons of “hero” being used to describe his courageous political actions in saving Arizona’s public education system (please…somebody get me a barf bag). So now…”the thieves who stole our children’s education funding are being applauded and deemed heroes for giving back only some of the money they stole in the first place!

Prop 123 is very significant politically and should be a clear wake up call that…”Duh…Our politicians are now bought off by dark money/organized crime elements/developers thanks to our illustrious Koch brothers Ducey who hails from a family of Organized Crime individuals. Prop 123 further show that most of our Arizona  leadership has been co-opted by their very obvious capitulation to the organized crime governor Koch brothers Ducey.

After all…If any doubts were still being entertained that most of our Democratic leadership in the Arizona state party and legislature were not “pretenders” constantly telling us of how much they are fighting “the good fight” against Republicans then Prop 123 destroyed those doubts. At the first offers of dark money from the Koch brothers governor Ducey’s developers and organized crime friends…All the years of being worn down by constant Republican barrages and corrupt corporate lobbyists shown very clearly on the tired Democratic Az. leadership who apparently took a…”well if you can’t be them then join them” approach to working in secret and now very publicly with Ducey and other corporate lobbyists who have turned many of these Democratic legislators into nothing but entrenupeners sitting in office taking advantage of every business opportunity/offer that comes their way to personally enrich themselves.

Now…Please understand I don’t believe all of our Democratic leadership are guilty of this mercenary approach to politics which screams to their supporters from the highest towers: “hey we can’t stand these Republicans while taking as much money from lobbyists that any of the corporate Republicans ever did very quietly while thinking we are bunch of stupid grass roots Democratic rank and file suckers. So it went yesterday at the A.E.A. .

Oh yes…Our good executive leadership friends at the A.E.A. (the Arizona Education Association) whose mantra should be: “We oppose Ducey and the fat cats while under their breath saying  but we really support them” (when big developers and a lot of $$$$ is involved under the table for Prop 123.” Yesterday, they held their celebration of prop 123 rally before the results were even in (but who cares anyways…The election was rigged from the get go because Koch brothers Ducey always gets what he wants).

Many of those appearing there in the crowd I did not recognize as Progressives thankfully although I spotted four Arizona Democratic legislators and one person that claims to be a progressive (who I will not name) there. It seems many of the Democratic leaders while publicly backing O.C. Ducey (Organized Crime) did not want to be seen publicly rubbing in the crooked victory of the fraud they had supported, Prop 123. It became very apparent from the very beginning that the leadership of the A.E.A. had invited their families there and that most of the hand picked teachers that spoke were equalled in number by Ducey’s lackeys. So, I unfortunately was the only one there to counter protest their disgusting public demonstration of victory for a fraud perpetuated against Arizona’s children’s education funding. But, I understand that many of us could not attend because this was put in that hour of the day (4:00 P.M) when most people were coming home from work and needed to get to their families or were still at work and…that fact was probably not lost on Ducey’s A.E.A. leadership friends.

To the credit of the A.F.T. (American Teachers Federation) their organization stayed true to their principles and wouldn’t support Prop 123. It is very sad that I really have to report to you as a former member of the A.E.A. and of someone who currently has many teacher friends in the A.E.A. that the executive leadership of the A.E.A. in my opinion has been infiltrated by the likes of Arizona Koch brothers Ducey and his corporate friends.

But, while I have nothing against the hard working teacher members of the A.E.A. I do have great concern and frustration as to the leadership’s cynical manipulation of people’s emotions. One educator that I know of in the A.E.A. has expressed that he and many of his fellow teachers were in his words “black mailed” into accepting Prop 123. Further…Many of our hard working teacher members in the A.E.A. have told me they were never polled or asked their opinions on whether they supported Prop 123. And of course…What makes this so infuriating to me is that Ducey and his “leg breakers” probably said to the tainted executive leaders of the A.E.A. “screw having any A.E.A. Democratic vote … because when we say: ‘Jump’…You say ‘how high’.

Now, onto the active propaganda campaign being run in Arizona to get the people to believe “the big lie” of how Koch brothers Ducey has saved public education with his swindling Prop 123…Right now, Arizona’s largest newspaper, the Arizona Republic is clearly running “defense for Ducey” by working with the A.E.A. to make it appear that almost all teachers in the A.E.A. were for the fraudulent Prop 123.

Ah…Some will say that isn’t true. Well then, just look at yesterday’s Arizona Republic (which is a property of Gannett and is also given more influence due to Gannet’s other corporate property in Phoenix channel 12) page 7A: This article is next to a Prop 123 article entitled: “Tight Prop. 123 vote frustrates teachers”. The title itself implies in of itself that: “Gee all of the teachers in Arizona are feeling hurt that those cruel anti-Prop 123 people voted no. And of course…That is not the case right now but…The Arizona Republic, Koch brothers Ducey, Democratic/Republican politicians and not least of all…The executive leadership of the A.E.A. are hoping for just that to sway public opinion even after the rigged vote.

These corrupt/corporate politicians, A.E.A. union executive leaders and elements of dark money/organized crime elements are trying to their hardest to tell “the big lie” over through their partners in the media over and over because they know as Goebbels knew that if a lie is repeated enough the people will believe it. Yes, people might say: “Hey, you’re going to far on saying the Arizona Republic and its partner corporation channel 12 have journalists such as Laurie Roberts and E.J. Montini who came out strongly against Prop 123 but the response to that would be: “And, they were minority dissenters whose opinions did not count as the Arizona Republic editorial board came out strongly for Prop 123 and even officially endorsed it in its newspaper.

In fact, the Arizona Republic ran a story today in their May 20th, edition telling of a man suing over Prop 123’s implementation and…To have the election over turned by Arizona Secretary of State’s Michele Reagan. Well…Guess what? The article not only slanted semantically against this individual but on page 17A space is given at the top page to a “Elvia Diaz” who is entitled “Editorial Columnist” who goes on to say that the individual bringing on the suit is committing  “a slap on democracy” by going to the courts. So…The columnist Laurie Roberts has not apparently posted any articles on Prop 123 via her Twitter since May 10th but in fairness E.J. Montini has just published a very short article but it is toned down and again…It is very short. So, apparently…The Arizona Republic and Channel 12 corporate bosses are muting those journalists in its employ so that “the big lie” of “Prop 123 is good and anybody who opposes its implementation in court is metaphorically “slapping Democracy in the face”.

Oh … And, we cannot leave the subject of how the Arizona Republic is now trying to discredit Arizona State Treasurer Jeff DeWit. Yesterday…In their May 19th, 2016 hard copy edition they lumped DeWitt in with Diane Douglas labeling him a quote “loose cannon”. Now…I am a Democrat but I truly respect the fact that state treasurer DeWit had the moral and political courage to stand against Koch brothers Ducey by standing against Prop 123. He has now gone against the most powerful elite of the political establishment in Arizona and…Possibly in Washington D.C.

And yes, this sounds crazy but…someone mentioned to me that it looks like Koch brothers Ducey might have his eyes on the White House not just for himself but his Koch brothers funders as well.

In coclusion, we also need to know that I have been in communication with some folks at Audit Az (election and their founder John Brakey and his colleague have discovered huge anomaly differences between the votes by mail as compared to the election ballot votes in the precincts. I will be hopefully posting as much information as I can on developments in regards to this latest rigged election…

Please…brothers and sisters… Remember…The corrupt powers that be which I have denoted in this article are now in process of repeating the big lie which is Prop 123 is not a fraud and that the election for it was not rigged…Please do not let them go un-answered in the social media…. Spread the word that the big lie in Arizona is just that a big lie and that Prop 123 is a fraud and that the sham election which brought about its passage should not be acceptable.


Leonard Clark,

Arizona progressive activist,

May 20th, 2016


Once again vote came down to Maricopa county’s Helen Purcell: Just a coincidence?

prop123 results
Surprise, surprise … we have been told that: “Dog gone it… Your vote really counted because…see how close the election was but… as always just by coincidence… You lost again and it came down to Maricopa county’s Helen Purcell. See what a good job she did? Now, don’t be suspicious. Okay… get back to work, all of you well meaning peasants that voted just move along now and praise the great savior of public education in Arizona governor Koch brothers Ducey and especially be thankful to many of your Democratic leadership that made this all possible by making secret deals with him $$$$$$$$ to tell many well meaning suckers to vote for his developer friends prop 123. :)”

All hail the conquering Koch brothers Ducey… He has been aided and abetted by some Az. Dems in the Arizona Legislature !
Thank you for nothing !  frown emoticon

Arizona Democratic leaders are attacking Koch brothers Az. governor Ducey for his horrible remarks yesterday insulting our indigenous brothers and sisters and our low income (me) brothers and sisters ….
Here are Koch brothers Ducey’s remarks but please state Democratic leaders … If you jumped into political bed with Ducey and his developer friends to support the fraudulent prop 123 ….
WEREN’T NOT AS STUPID AS YOU THINK while you tell us you fight the right wing extremist agenda while taking his offers of pork and $$$. SHAME ON YOU TO FOR HELPING THIS NEO ARIZONA FASCIST !

P.S. you also aided and abetted this extremist in the Az. Governor’s office by helping corporate charter schools to our tax dollars … (Mayor Stanton and Democrats on Phx. Council you know what we’re talking about !)

Ducey’s Remarks: “During the interview, Ducey stated: “We know how to educate a child. We just need to do it more often in more locations and where we’re having issues are in low income areas, where, where kids don’t have a parent that cares or two parents that care and of course also in our tribal nations.”

Sorry… One last thing Ducey just signed his bill into law so that now he has STACKED the Arizona Supreme Court with another judge …Our last protection against these fascists has now been destroyed !


Arizona Secretary of State Confirms Election Fraud Happened in State Primary (VIDEO)

Leonard Clark
Arizona activist,
May 19th, 2016

Progressives Unite! The Smear campaign being used against Bernie and us will not work !

The Smear campaign being used against us by the Clinton Syndicate and sold out corporate political duopoly will only make us stronger or… simply NUTS to the corporate sellouts 🙂
Brothers and sisters the non-violent fight to restore our constitutional Democratic republic continues. Everything is coming together in an almost “perfect storm”: The great awakening of our young Millennials, dis-effected Americans and of most our fellow progressives and fellow human beings around the world.
The smearing by the Main stream Media of our Beloved Bernie Sanders and ourselves for supporting him is now going on full steam by the mainstream media and Shillary’s Dark Money friends. The rigged primary elections all across the United States and here in Arizona on March 22nd continues on with… the latest rigged election again here in Arizona pushed by the two party duopoly on the fraudulent prop 123 which steals from our children and gives to big shadowy developers!
We must stay strong and united in our love for of love and humanity and the restoral of our Constitutional Democratic Republic. They, the “Establishment” expect us to go away or just plain quit from exhaustion. Well… I already know that you, my brothers and sisters aren’t going to quit in this fight and neither am I ! They can try and smear Bernie and the rest of us but it will do them no good as they try to turn the American people against us!
They, the sold out corporate political establishment are the metaphorical equivalent of the dinosaurs who unknowingly continued on until that dreaded meteorite smashed into earth sealing their fates. But… In defense of the poor dinosaurs at least they truly could not comprehend what was about to hit them. These arrogant corporate modern day dinosaurs known as our corrupt two party duopoly leadership… Well, they know, what is coming but even lie to themselves as they arrogantly laugh when they hear the term: “American Democratic Spring” (which is that metaphorical meteorite).
Today, I am letting you know that I fully expect to non-violently carry on our fight on the grounds of the Arizona state legislature by counter protesting where they will be having various political leaders and groups that pushed for prop 123 rub in their victory of prop 123 into our faces even before the official results are in !
They already know the outcome of this fraudulent vote… (because, surprise, surprise the system is rigged) So… Why not celebrate early if you already know that Az. governoe Koch brothers Ducey and his sold out corporate politicians (Some Republican and some Democratic leaders among them) always get what they want?
Don’t worry it’s just a coincidence that once again the success or failure of an election that the political/corporate establishment wants to have… comes down to /politico kingpin/gate keeper Maricopa county recorder Helen Purcell and her sold out lackey and fake Democrat Maricopa county elections director Karen Osborne! (who by the way has been in power in the same political postions for almost 30 years because… that’s what happens when your in charge of your own elections).
Oh… But our friends who have bought the “give Helen another chance” “get out jail… She’s a little old lady” free card say: “Stop picking our poor Helen” well… So, let’s also not forget our illustrious secretary of state Michelle Reagan who also made sure to delay the mailing of the publicity booklets giving time for Koch brothers Ducey and some of his Democratic friends and leaders of the AEA to flood our televisions with pro-dark money ads for the lying prop 123 ! Hope they enjoy their now fat wallets after cheating our children out of their ethically, morally and legally owed money for their education !
Even the Arizona Republic reports today that those verifying the ballots are handpicked two person teams from both political parties… which is of course outrageous in and of itself because the leadership of both parties worship Ducey and his Dark Money developer friends: $$$$$$. And, this doesn’t even begin to touch on the computer hacked ballots and the process that is supposed to not let this happen and which is barred from observation by members of the general public or… more aptly to borrow from Orwell’s novel, “1984” barred from we “Proles” !
If you want to join me today at 4:00PM to make sure their victory celebration is not the only thing the media sees or… if you can’t but want to spread the word please tell the world that we here in Arizona will not ever give up our constitutional Democratic Republic and election system which is now being held hostage and prisoner by this two party leadership duopoly (two party leadership gang) which arrogantly pretends that we cannot read all the other sources and primary witness material which now exists on social media and which are not owned YET by the corporate handful of media here in Arizona, the U.S. and the world.
Oh… and one more thing: Please when you are confronted by the whole…”Hey you’re hurting the teachers feelings because they support prop 123 ….Just tell them the truth and that is: “Many teachers did not know about the other side because they were not told the truth and… TEACHER MEMBERS OF THE AEA (Arizona Educaton Association) WERE NOT POLLED OR OFFICIALLY ASKED THEIR OPINIONS ON WHETHER THEY SUPPORTED the FRAUDULENT PROP 123 !”
One person who is not ever going to give up or quit fighting on restoring love and humanity and our constitutional Democratic republic to our state of Arizona, the United States and the world.
Leonard Clark
Progressive Arizona activist
May 19th, 2016