Progressives Unite! The Smear campaign being used against Bernie and us will not work !

The Smear campaign being used against us by the Clinton Syndicate and sold out corporate political duopoly will only make us stronger or… simply NUTS to the corporate sellouts 🙂
Brothers and sisters the non-violent fight to restore our constitutional Democratic republic continues. Everything is coming together in an almost “perfect storm”: The great awakening of our young Millennials, dis-effected Americans and of most our fellow progressives and fellow human beings around the world.
The smearing by the Main stream Media of our Beloved Bernie Sanders and ourselves for supporting him is now going on full steam by the mainstream media and Shillary’s Dark Money friends. The rigged primary elections all across the United States and here in Arizona on March 22nd continues on with… the latest rigged election again here in Arizona pushed by the two party duopoly on the fraudulent prop 123 which steals from our children and gives to big shadowy developers!
We must stay strong and united in our love for of love and humanity and the restoral of our Constitutional Democratic Republic. They, the “Establishment” expect us to go away or just plain quit from exhaustion. Well… I already know that you, my brothers and sisters aren’t going to quit in this fight and neither am I ! They can try and smear Bernie and the rest of us but it will do them no good as they try to turn the American people against us!
They, the sold out corporate political establishment are the metaphorical equivalent of the dinosaurs who unknowingly continued on until that dreaded meteorite smashed into earth sealing their fates. But… In defense of the poor dinosaurs at least they truly could not comprehend what was about to hit them. These arrogant corporate modern day dinosaurs known as our corrupt two party duopoly leadership… Well, they know, what is coming but even lie to themselves as they arrogantly laugh when they hear the term: “American Democratic Spring” (which is that metaphorical meteorite).
Today, I am letting you know that I fully expect to non-violently carry on our fight on the grounds of the Arizona state legislature by counter protesting where they will be having various political leaders and groups that pushed for prop 123 rub in their victory of prop 123 into our faces even before the official results are in !
They already know the outcome of this fraudulent vote… (because, surprise, surprise the system is rigged) So… Why not celebrate early if you already know that Az. governoe Koch brothers Ducey and his sold out corporate politicians (Some Republican and some Democratic leaders among them) always get what they want?
Don’t worry it’s just a coincidence that once again the success or failure of an election that the political/corporate establishment wants to have… comes down to /politico kingpin/gate keeper Maricopa county recorder Helen Purcell and her sold out lackey and fake Democrat Maricopa county elections director Karen Osborne! (who by the way has been in power in the same political postions for almost 30 years because… that’s what happens when your in charge of your own elections).
Oh… But our friends who have bought the “give Helen another chance” “get out jail… She’s a little old lady” free card say: “Stop picking our poor Helen” well… So, let’s also not forget our illustrious secretary of state Michelle Reagan who also made sure to delay the mailing of the publicity booklets giving time for Koch brothers Ducey and some of his Democratic friends and leaders of the AEA to flood our televisions with pro-dark money ads for the lying prop 123 ! Hope they enjoy their now fat wallets after cheating our children out of their ethically, morally and legally owed money for their education !
Even the Arizona Republic reports today that those verifying the ballots are handpicked two person teams from both political parties… which is of course outrageous in and of itself because the leadership of both parties worship Ducey and his Dark Money developer friends: $$$$$$. And, this doesn’t even begin to touch on the computer hacked ballots and the process that is supposed to not let this happen and which is barred from observation by members of the general public or… more aptly to borrow from Orwell’s novel, “1984” barred from we “Proles” !
If you want to join me today at 4:00PM to make sure their victory celebration is not the only thing the media sees or… if you can’t but want to spread the word please tell the world that we here in Arizona will not ever give up our constitutional Democratic Republic and election system which is now being held hostage and prisoner by this two party leadership duopoly (two party leadership gang) which arrogantly pretends that we cannot read all the other sources and primary witness material which now exists on social media and which are not owned YET by the corporate handful of media here in Arizona, the U.S. and the world.
Oh… and one more thing: Please when you are confronted by the whole…”Hey you’re hurting the teachers feelings because they support prop 123 ….Just tell them the truth and that is: “Many teachers did not know about the other side because they were not told the truth and… TEACHER MEMBERS OF THE AEA (Arizona Educaton Association) WERE NOT POLLED OR OFFICIALLY ASKED THEIR OPINIONS ON WHETHER THEY SUPPORTED the FRAUDULENT PROP 123 !”
One person who is not ever going to give up or quit fighting on restoring love and humanity and our constitutional Democratic republic to our state of Arizona, the United States and the world.
Leonard Clark
Progressive Arizona activist
May 19th, 2016

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leonard clark

I am an Arizona Progressive veteran who is concerned not only for myself but my loved ones and my progeny. I am deeply interested in the world and universe.

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