I am suspending my U.S. Senate Campaign. in Az. and ask my corporate dem opponent Ann Kirkpatrick to stop supporting Oak Flat!


Brothers and sisters, I am suspending my campaign for the U.S. Senate in Arizona.  I want to thank you for your support of our U.S. Senate campaign and  … I want thank you for your strong support of our beloved  U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders in his campaign for the U.S. presidency. I ask you to continue to support him because he as well as the rest of us are coming under attack from the corporate/corrupt dark money machine of the other candidate who has chosen to represent corporations and use her influence to rig and steal elections.

In addition as our U.S. Senate campaign comes to a close I would like to ask you to demand with me that my corporate Democrat opponent (supporter of Hillary) Ann Kirkpatrick immediately renounce her support of the impending cultural and environmental crime against humanity here in Arizona that is going to occur with the construction of the poisonous and desecrating mine at Oak Flat.

This impending crime against humanity is tragically going to continue the legacy by both major political parties in the United States and in Arizona (John McCain, Paul Gosar, Ann Kirkpatrick et. al.) of cultural and environmental genocide against our brothers and sisters in the great “first nations” so please … Try and help us bring our state of Arizona into the year 2016 because the two major parties are going to keep us right here in the year 1916.

In this particular case …Despite the pleadings and protests of our Apache brothers and sisters…Ann Kirkpatrick and John McCain are continuing their strong support and direct involvement with this impending crime against humanity that will continue the legacy of bigotry and racism towards the great sovereign first nations that reside within our borders not to mention violate the rights to our children and their progeny to have clean air, water and land. In addition to violating the civil, cultural and environmental rights of our brothers and sisters in the great First Nation of the  Apache people… The sovereignty of the United States is also being violated by the presence of a foreign mining corporation that has been allowed by McCain and Kirkpatrick to come our beloved Arizona and poison it in direct contradiction to the wishes of president Eisenhower when he approved this area to be for recreation.

It is for this reason that unless my corporate Democrat opponent Ann Kirkpatrick specifically and sincerely takes an oath to swear in writing that she will not support now or in the future the construction of the poisonous and desecrating mine at Oak Flat Arizona and…That she will take vigorous action to oppose it that I will withhold my support for her as the Democratic nominee from Arizona for the U.S. Senate. Further…She MUST support and co-sponsor Democratic congressman Raul Grijalva who has sponsored house bill 2811 to stop the mine at Oak Flat and… She must also publicly support Senator Bernie Sander’s U.S. Senate bill to also stop the construction of the foreign corporate mine at Oak Flat. If Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick does not do this she will continue to show that the Arizona Democratic party is supporting candidates that treat our Indigenous brothers and sisters of the First Nations like it is still the year 1916 rather then the year 2016.


Brothers and sisters… Please do not give up the non-violent fight even as we are being attacked from the corporate shills in the media and else where for standing behind U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders to restore our Constitutional Democratic Republic and for free and fair elections to be held in Arizona and the U.S. which to a large extent are compromised and rigged.

I will see you at the barricades and always have you in my thoughts beautiful brothers and sisters… Thanks to all of you and to our senator Bernie Sanders for continuing to inspire me. 🙂



Leonard Clark

Democratic Progressive Socialist candidate for the U.S. Senate in Arizona

May 24th, 2016.




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leonard clark

I am an Arizona Progressive veteran who is concerned not only for myself but my loved ones and my progeny. I am deeply interested in the world and universe.

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