Papers filed for new Democratic Socialist party in Az.

Our two party duopoly is corrupt and they have rigged our elections.
We need multi-political parties!
The Arizona Democratic Socialist party.
Here is the link to our Facebook page if you would like to check us out:
Are we to be ruled by benevolent kings or we are to be ruled by ourselves in a constitutional Democratic Republic?
We speak of “shadow governments” but it is very clear now that in the United States we live under two systems of government: A constitutional Democratic Republic that is purportedly still in force and a second unwritten form of government that is concealed from us but whose effects are none the less being exposed more and more every day. But since we have been culturally conditioned to the lies that have been right in front of us and told to us by smiling politicians (especially since the coup/assassination of president Kennedy) people still cannot believe that benevolent kings do indeed rule them in America today.
It is for these reasons mentioned above that a highly entrenched corruption in the leadership of both major political parties of the United States has now spread to the point of no return…
It is due to this political corruption which has brought us to a point of no return that I have now filed the paperwork for a new political party in Arizona and in Maricopa county with both elections offices.
The name of that party is the Arizona Democratic Socialist Party”. At this time we do not have to give up our party memberships in the Democratic party to sign the petitions to the get the required amount of signatures so as to be listed on the ballot in 2018. So, if we do not make it onto the ballot then we can still fight the corporate leadership crooks who run the Democratic party non-violently from within the Democratic party.
So, when your friends tell you they can’t sign the official petitions from Maricopa county and the Arizona secretary of state because they belong to another political party you can tell them not to worry because they are allowed to sign those petitions.
And, when your friends ask you if they are voting by signing for another political party… You can tell them in all honesty that they are only signing these new political party petitions to get on the ballot via the Democratic traditional path and that they will have a Democratic choice to say yes or no to the candidates the Democratic Socialist slate and who appear on the ballot. 🙂
The filing number for the petition and political action committee from the Arizona secretary of state’s election office is: 201600592.
Please sign if you can and if you can’t please spread the word that in Arizona we have a Democratic Socialist movement/political party trying to get on the ballot so as to get Democratic Socialist candidates on the ballot.
Leonard Clark
Democratic Socialist
Arizona progressive activist
May 25, 2016

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leonard clark

I am an Arizona Progressive veteran who is concerned not only for myself but my loved ones and my progeny. I am deeply interested in the world and universe.

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