Sorry fellow vets…This man insults P.O.W.s . and veterans… He is a hypocrite/Chicken Hawk


Believe me I understand why we can’t stand Hillary and the Clinton syndicate…

But what I don’t understand is how my veteran brothers and sisters can support Trump, a man who insulted POWs, a man worked in New York City to ban disabled veterans from being able to hold vendor licenses a man who never wore the uniform. Trump is a monster… But, he is a monster of the two-party duopoly’s making. They, the Republican and Democratic parties by allowing corruption to become entrenched in their upper echelons… Brought this monster on we citizens who now have to clean up the mess.


This is what happens when we let the corrupt leadership in the two-party duopoly which really runs this country cause huge danger to what is left of our constitutional Democratic Republic by a monster like Trump. To my fellow veterans who support Trump I ask you to please, please, please… Look at what he has done and said about veterans. this man claims he is a friend of veterans he is no friend of veterans he is a danger to the Republic… I am in a quandary because I… Do not support the Clinton syndicate they represent the corruption that is destroying our Democratic Party and destroying our Constitutional Democratic Republic and actually opened the rest of us up to such a large threat to the Republic.  As whole, I am truly now a Democratic Socialist in the vein of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Bernie Sanders.


Hillary and Trump represent extremism… one (Hillary along with her corrupt colleagues in both political parties) condemns our Republic to “death by a thousand cuts” while the other… Trump, condemns our Republic to quick death by decapitation of the metaphorical guillotine.

Leonard Clark

Arizona activist

U.S. Army veteran

May 28, 2016


Published by

leonard clark

I am an Arizona Progressive veteran who is concerned not only for myself but my loved ones and my progeny. I am deeply interested in the world and universe.

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