OK People: Hillary Is Rotten And Corrupt But Support Her Anyways (N0t) Because We Trust Her Over Trump (NOT).

MY RESPONSE TO “We have to support the liar and corporate candidate Shillary (who supports poisonous fracking AND THE OAK FLAT MINE) because she (while corrupt and rotten to the core) is “better” then Trump. First of all …Wake the fk up and get out of your 1980’s mode of thinking … We do not have to accept monsters such as LBJ and Henry Kissenger anymore because we now have the advantage of information that was hidden from us through the Internet and further this generation known as Millenniaks aren’t going to take this shiza anymore … They are armed with the truth 🙂
The Democrats placate the people and tell them they are for the enviromental when they take the same corporate money from the same corporate lobbyists $$$ Hillary Clinton, Ann Kirkpatrick, et. al.
Oh wait … the corporate candidate Hillary and her close friend and buddy Az senate candidate Ann Kirkpatrick supports the poisonous and desecrating mine at Oak Flat and … Well Kirkpatrick supports the corporate candidate because we all know that our people can “eat money $$$” which is preferable to clean air, land and water.
Actually, a corporate candidate who sells out the principles we believe in is just as dangerous because we lower our guard for even sell outs if they are supposedly on our side and have a “D” in front of their name. So tell me … Why hasn’t the corporate candidate come out against the impending crime against humanity known as the poisonous and desecrating mine at Oak Flat ? As Bernie did long ago ?
Leonard Clark
Arizona Democratic Socialist
June 2nd, 2016

Published by

leonard clark

I am an Arizona Progressive veteran who is concerned not only for myself but my loved ones and my progeny. I am deeply interested in the world and universe.

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