If Only The Young Men Had Listened To Mr. Ali Millons More Would Be Alive. Long Live The Greatest: Muhammad Ali


Brothers and sisters… One of our heroes, Mohammed Ali passed away yesterday here in Arizona. I would like to state my condolences to his loved ones and family.

While reading the comments of a newspaper located out of Phoenix: The Arizona Republic, the state’s largest newspaper about Mr. Ali’s passing, I have been reading comments at the end of the article online where certain individuals are stating that Mr. Ali essentially let down his country by not going off to fight for the lying politicians that got us in a huge tragedy called the Vietnam conflict and which wrongfully caused the deaths of millions.



The individuals who are writing these comments are so representative of the tunnel vision thinking of those who follow like sheep the two party duopoly of this country: The Republican and Democratic leadership of both of our major political parties. These individuals who either never opened up their social studies books or follow like robots whatever the mainstream media or their political leadership tells them to follow… Need to understand that Pres. Kennedy was about to get us out of Vietnam with his presidential order 263 and then… After he was assassinated (in which his predecessor LBJ was involved I’m sure) his order was countermanded by Pres. Johnson with his presidential order 273.

Pres. Johnson a Democrat and Republican, lied to the American people about the second so called attack on American forces in the second Gulf of Tonkin incident. President Nixon’s successor and his evil lying advisor Henry Kissinger purposely sabotaged the peace negotiations so that the Vietnam conflict would be extended until Pres. Nixon’s installment in the White House there by extending the slaughter in Vietnam.

Due to the actions of the above murderous criminals … presidents Johnson and Nixon… three million Vietnamese people were killed and 50,000 American soldiers were killed. Mr. Ali, did the right thing… And if only all the other young men had done what he had done… They would have lived and 3 million Vietnamese people would not have been killed.

But it doesn’t matter to my tunnel visioned friends in both political parties who have become so brainwashed that they will even ignore the culpability of their respective political leaders (presidents at the time) who caused the wrongful deaths of millions. I’m not talking about 100 years ago I’m talking about in our parents, grandparents and our lifetimes. One friend recently wrote about my supposed radical stand: “wow letter Leonard, just wow”. And the reason for this comment? That I had stated the fact that LBJ was evil because he lied us into Vietnam with more ground troops and that he was involved in a conspiracy to murder our president Kennedy.


So this is not about Democrats or Republicans this is about many people who are not even purposely doing evil acts but are the nonetheless helping to perpetuate evil acts by refusing to get out of “robot mode”. I believe they can be persuaded from their the deep slumber of their pre- 1989 Berlin wall mode of thinking. Europe has evolved into the 21st century yet our two party duopoly following friends choose to pretend that they are not living in the past as if the Cold War is still on.They need to wake up out of their free 1989 Berlin wall mode of thinking and understand that a new paradigm has arrived: the Internet and the harsh light that it brings via Facebook, twitter, pictogram, youtube etc.

We older contrarians and our millennial friends are not going to accept the company line anymore and will not stay behind the rope lines of the Clinton Syndicate, Trump Storm Troopers and the two party duopoly that run this country we choose to live in the year 2016 1963.

Thank you Mr. Ali, you will always be my hero.

Leonard Clark

June 4th, 2016


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leonard clark

I am an Arizona Progressive veteran who is concerned not only for myself but my loved ones and my progeny. I am deeply interested in the world and universe.

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