Surprise, Surprise We Are Ruled By A Two Party Duopoly. Please Join Or Support The Az. Democratic Socialist Party


This country is being un-democratically ruled by the two party duopoly… . This truly makes our country appear more like a banana republic than a constitutional democracy.These two parties have kept themselves in power for so long because:
1.) They have got a lot of people believing that it is almost un-American and just plain creepy to have more than two political parties much less belong to one of them. 2) They (the American people) are not taught in corporate charter and public schools the real history of this country. 3.) The American people are brainwashed by a small handful of American corporations that own our media and 4.) Last, but not least the American people are illegally, unethically and unconstitutionally denied their right to have their political parties and candidates appear on the ballot by politically appointed judges in the judicial branch (among other things) acting on behalf of these crooked and wretched/corrupt elections officials who represent the two two party duopoly known as the known as the Republican and Democratic party junta.
But, please don’t be stunned because when murderous groups of these shadow tyrants can assassinate a president in a conspiracy (Kennedy, 1963) and get away with it and then have anybody who accuses them of such be labelled “crazy” or “conspiratorialist” then it is quite obviously that they can metaphorically assassinate any new challenging political parties as well.
And, when somebody uses the argument to tell you that there are hundreds of legally filed political parties around the country, the people who make these assertions to you are usually unknowingly ignorant or: knowingly ignorant because there is in reality only a handful of legally certified and bonified political parties around the United States of America that have ballot status and have candidates allowed to appear on those ballots.
I remember before the fall of the Berlin Wall how East Germany called itself a Democratic Republic… All while machine gunning, blowing up and torturing any of its citizens who dared to try and escape from their quote “Democracy”. Now…Many of younger people in the United States might not remember that as citizens there was a time not long before 9/11 that as Americans they did not have to get permission from their government to leave their country. Yes, they had to get visas (permission) from other countries for to visit those countries but now… under the pretext of an un-declared un-ending war because of 9/11 our government elite a powerful yet small group of individuals have now decided they have all the excuse they need to suspend many of our rights that we are guaranteed under the United States constitution.
Now…You are probably saying that it is unfair and extreme to compare our present unjust political system here in America to that of East Germany and other dictatorships around the world. But remember…We are like the old cliche of being like “frogs in a pot of water …Slowly being heated up not knowing that we are the main course”. And, of course… the water is “being slowly heated up” because if the water were boiling we would jump out of it and … It is with this same purpose these two corrupt parties are patronizing us telling us that our votes count. No, the situation of corruption has now gotten to the point that reform from within these two sold out and corrupt major political parties must come from the outside in the form of competition. So…Think out of the box and join a new political party or start one. Heck…What is the establishment going to do steal your vote? Oh wait… They’ve already done that.
I and a small group of friends have started our own political party here in Arizona called the Arizona Democratic Socialist Party. Essentially… It is not going to take any government monies, it will not take any corporate moneys and will follow closely the political philosophy of the current Democratic Socialist candidate for president Bernie Sanders.
We are still working on the planks and if you would like to help please comment below or message me at my email: But…Remember we have taken every political stand that Bernie Sanders has because … He is right and he is being attacked by all of the sold out corporate shills in this country right now doing the bidding of the 1% and the filthy Clinton Syndicate. And …. I would just like to say: “No Bill and Hillary … We are not going to sit down and shut up anymore when your tunnel visioned corporate Democratic supporters tell us too”.
In conclusion, brothers and sisters who believe in love, humanity and human rights: We cannot let our progeny inherit this current undemocratic two party duopoly because if we do that… By the time they have inherited it…It might be to late for them and I don’t know about you but I am not going to let the suffering, sacrifice and deaths of those soldiers, civil and environmental rights activists who have fought for human rights and justice be all for nothing.
Leonard clark
Arizona Democratic Socialist
8 June, 2016

Published by

leonard clark

I am an Arizona Progressive veteran who is concerned not only for myself but my loved ones and my progeny. I am deeply interested in the world and universe.

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