Phx New Times Art 2008 Shows Possible Clinton V.P. Az Janet Napolitano Kept Arpaio Out Of Jail


It takes a Democratic Socialist to clean up the corrupt and entrenched corporate Democratic party elite …. GO BERNIE !
Stop letting these corporate Democrats continue to get over… this story is from 2008 but just shows we are still being lied to by sold out prop 123 Ducey supporting Democrats telling us they are fighting the good fight…. Words are cheap.
But our tunnel visioned so called corporate Democrats continue to support her and now in 2016 it’s gotten worse we… Progressive Democrats are told to S.T.F.U. and get down and worship the sell out Corporate Clinton Democrats and their lackeys and Napolitano was surely a Clinton lackey until she went against them and endorsed Obama 😦
“Ah…Come on brothers and sisters… The lesser of two evils results in Clinton cronies like former Arpaio sympathizing/immigrant hating FAKE/CORPORATE Az. governor JANET NAPOLITANO coming to power….Yay we elected a Democrat.
Although this excellent Phoenix New Times article is over 7 years old… It details the shameful compliance of so called Democratic leaders of this state who curry favor with the right wing Fascists. Thank you so much for this excellent 2008 article detailing the shameful behavior of one the former Clinton crony elites who built their success on the backs of human beings whose civil rights were taken away or… even whose lives were lost….

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leonard clark

I am an Arizona Progressive veteran who is concerned not only for myself but my loved ones and my progeny. I am deeply interested in the world and universe.

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