Az Chan12 Reporter Brahm Resnik does hit piece on anti-Trump Az. Human Rights Protesters!

Sharing this message from Len Clark on the latest Az. channel 12 piece that makes human rights protesters look evil
Great propaganda piece for Trump … By Brahm Arizona Channel 12 reporter Brahm Resnik. I am greatly disappointed… This couldn’t have been a more lop sided propaganda type article then if Hitler’s chief propaganda minister had written it himself….
The whole for part and major part of the article are those “evil” human rights protesters. So…
there will be peaceful protests outside of the rally. He did not show that… He chose to show one group that will stay away from the rally and thereby help to create a vacuum for all “hose who hate in Arizona” to feel that they rule Arizona.
This is no time for peace and love to run from Fascism. Love confronting hate is not easy but it is better than staying in a park before the rally and giving the appearance of weakness.
We will not show that this Neo-American Fascist rally for Trump is what Arizonans really think. Arizona is state full of love and humanity and beautiful people… We will not stay silent during this neo-American Fascist rally and make it appear as if the Fascists supporting Trump rule our state. Thanks again
And all those who wish to attend our non violent Love Rally to oppose this Neo-American Fascist Trump are welcome. We will be suffering our constitutional right to free speech outside of the Phoenix, Arizona state fairgrounds and our group will not be blocking any roads. If that happens they are not from our group because our mission is to oppose non-violently the hate and ignorance of Trump with Love and Humanity.
Len Clark 6-16-16

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leonard clark

I am an Arizona Progressive veteran who is concerned not only for myself but my loved ones and my progeny. I am deeply interested in the world and universe.

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