Multiple Political Parties In The U.S. Are Not A Bad Thing Please Don’t Believe The Two Party Duopoly Propaganda

Multiple Political Parties Are Not A Bad Thing In The U.S. And These Political Parties Are Being Suppressed By The Two Party Duopoly/Junta of the United States Through Arbitrary, Unconstitutional, Illegal And False Propaganda
My response in disagreement to another acquaintance on another progressive Facebook page who is apparently lamenting that they are receiving requests from others who would like to form different political parties and… that there are already dozens of other officially recognized political parties and that the Green party is the only other independent political party needed.
Hello. I am sharing this response here and I would like to thank my friend John Snuffy for sharing my response as well since I am being censored by filthy Facebook for posting condolences to the families in Orlando on another page run by bigoted and homophobic admins.
This is Len Clark and I respect your opinion but I disagree with some of your thoughts on multiple political parties. First of all… Foes of a multi-party system in the U.S. and who make the claim that there are hundreds of officially governmentally recognized political in the U.S. are just factually wrong. An official political party with official ballot status …(That means a political party that can field candidates on a ballot below the name of their political party) is made extremely hard to get in this country… Now you can say that it is the people who do not want more political parties besides the two party duopoly/junta that already run this country but… It is wrong to blame the people of the United States for the rarity of official multi-independent parties in the United States.
It is the two party duopoly (Republican and Democratic partys) that use their politically appointed judges and their country recorders (such as the corrupt Maricopa county, Az. recorder Helen Purcell) and all kinds of other devious means to suppress not just our votes but other political parties as well. And… As far as our Green party brothers and sisters … I LOVE THEM TOO but… I do not believe they or any other political party has the right or should ethically just believe theirs should be the only political party. A constitutional Democratic Republic is based on the free market of ideas and we cannot have that if we have only one or two parties or even three declaring that they should be the only ones in existence. That being said… I really hope that our brothers and sisters in the Green party can get their candidate on the ballot and… I am curious to know as what happened as to why their candidate has not qualified for the presidential ballot so far in Arizona… Was it shenanigans on the part of the Democratic party monopoly that has really deluded itself into believing that it can foist queen Hillary to victory in Arizona over the Fascist Trump? So in answer to your question: Yes there should be multiple political parties and maybe just maybe we might stop so many effing wars such as the Mexican American war, Spanish American war, the Phillipines Massacre Vietnam war, Iraq war etc. Respectfully, Leonard Clark Proud Independent Democratic Socialist. OUR ELECTIONS ARE RIGGED, OUR VOTES ARE SUPPRESSED AND WE MUST FIGHT NON VIOLENTLY LIKE HE*L TO STOP THIS !
Leonard Clark, Independent Democratic Socialist, June 15th, 2016

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leonard clark

I am an Arizona Progressive veteran who is concerned not only for myself but my loved ones and my progeny. I am deeply interested in the world and universe.

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