Fascist Trump In Phx., Az. Tomorrow Corporate Dems Skeedaddle town lol


The Neo-American Fascist Trump and his Neo-Fascist supporters are coming to Phoenix Arizona tomorrow to show they rule the place. Ah… But you probably say: “that’s far fetched Lennie and you shouldn’t being saying that”, really?

I would beg to differ. The quiet and meek almost palpable fear on the part of many Democratic politicians in Arizona is deafening and that is because by their meek silence and whispering response to Trump’s impending presence  they are giving  de-facto approval  for allowing these Trump Fascists to brag that: “all this talk about Phoenix and Arizona progressing in human rights is a bunch of b.s”.  And yet… Many of those who follow Hillary or follow Bernie are staying away. Why is that?

Facebook link to Trump event tomorrow:https://www.facebook.com/events/1318832348132041/

The followers of Hillary, apparently are being instructed by their corporate Democratic sold-out leadership to stay away because the Trump rally they say… Is to dangerous and to just let the fascists ride into to town (Phoenix, Arizona) tomorrow and rule the city for a day or… I should say… let various biker groups (at the behest of Az. governor Ducey)  police the city in that area of Phoenix. After all…The press does not say it but…But our illustrious Arizona Koch brothers governor Ducey has intervened and stated that his private army known as the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) will supposedly police the event along with his Trump biker friends to keep all of us non-Neo Arizona Fascists in line and to… Just let everyone really know that there should be no illusions as to who really runs Phoenix, Arizona….Ducey and Trump racists.

And where you might ask is our illustrious Phoenix mayor Stanton? Good question. When the mayor isn’t taking selfies with governor Ducey and Brewer he can be found equivocating somewhere, anywhere but here in Phoenix, Arizona on the day the Fascists will come to his fair city to rule the roost for a day. It seems… That along with the mayor…Our other corporate Democratic leadership has taken the mayor’s example of  action or non-action and skeedaddled out of town for this particular Saturday.

But… Oh wait… I almost forgot…There will be a quiet little press conference held at a quiet little park six to eight hours before Trump gets to the Arizona Fairgrounds tomorrow which will be held in honor of the two Democratic politicians who have decided to show up and use the event to promote the election of Hillary Clinton (instead of promoting human rights which is what this is really all about). Oh…And it gets better.. these same politicians will be having their little press conference no where near the time the Fascist Trump is speaking nor will they be having it WHERE Trump is speaking. They will probably be ensconced somewhere far away enjoying cool drinks while the peace activists and anti-Fascists are doing their job for them which is promote non violently love and humanity in Arizona.

Now as far as some of my fellow Bernie supporters (and yes I am a proud Bernie supporter)  I am a supporter of human rights first and then a political supporter of Bernie. I won’t be there supporting Bernie or Hillary, I will be there supporting human rights. And, I worry that some of my fellow Bernie supporters (and please know that I don’t mean you dear reader) are not showing up because they believe the corporate Democrats are using Trump to get Hillary elected. And finally, I’m sure Bernie would agree with us that human rights  should prevail over any political contest (hence, why I love Bernie).

But, I am here to tell you brothers and sisters that the Az. corporate Democratic politicians response to this de-facto take over of our town tomorrow by Fascists (as usual) is meek and tepid. This is usually the case when a righteous cause comes to Phoenix and Arizona but which is also controversial and could cause these same corporate wishy washy Democratic politicians to lose votes.

And, pray tell, what could be causing many of our Democratic politicians in Arizona like Phoenix mayor Stanton, Congress ladies Sinema and Kirkpatrick to remain so silent and refuse to show up to stand with us non violently at our peace rally for human rights tomorrow? Well…Let’s just get this out in the open…Corporate Democrats such as those just named above are afraid of Trump’s popularity and… they are afraid of his growing popular xenophobic stance to ban those of the Islamic faith from coming to America. Hence…Arizona Koch brothers Ducey showing up tomorrow to probably give a big slobber kiss to Trump just as McCain gave to king W. Bush when he was running for president. After all… Both Congress lady Sinema from Arizona Congressional district #9 and Arizona Koch brothers Ducey agree with Trump and believe that all those who hold the Islamic faith should be banned from coming to the U.S. You see…The corporate Democrats are hedging their bets…If Hillary loses well then … they are slyly on the racist train of Der Trump. And, this last fact is certainly true of corporate Democrat Sinema.


So, while it might be good for the Arizona corporate Democratic leadership to stay away and hide tomorrow to keep their poll numbers up and to get re-elected maybe it might be even better to show true courage in what is right and wrong and just show up and stand with us non-violently for human rights because I can assure you brothers sisters… I don’t care if you support Hillary, Bernie or a Martian…for president . I embrace all those who show up to stand for human rights against the xenophobe and Neo-American Fascsit Trump.

Lastly, if Arizona is to continue on a path towards love and humanity we will need to realize that to obtain those things we cannot let power flow into a vacuum which is what happens when we remain silent and refuse to show up to stand for human rights when evil ideas represented by the likes of Trump and his brand of Neo-American Fascism comes to Phoenix, Arizona.

P.S. I invite all Democratic , Republican  and all politicians and clergy to come stand with us non-violently tomorrow on June 18th, 2016 at 12:00PM at the Arizona Fairgrounds located at McDowell Road and 19th avenues in Phoenix, Arizona for human rights against the anti-human rights Trump. I include a special invitation to Congressman Ruben Gallego, Phoenix city council lady Gallego, Phoenix mayor Greg Stanton and all Phoenix city council people. And…I promise any of you politicians…If any of you show and stand in the heat with us to protest non violently for human rights tomorrow … I will make sure to let everybody know that you were one of the few Democratic elected politicians to actually put politics aside and come stand with us for human rights 🙂

Leonard Clark,

Phoenix, Arizona resident

June 17th, 2016


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leonard clark

I am an Arizona Progressive veteran who is concerned not only for myself but my loved ones and my progeny. I am deeply interested in the world and universe.

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