Phx Trump Event: Alex Jones actually covered us but local media? No they made our peace activists look evil ex. for Phx New Times

ONE CORRECTION: Thank you to Phoenix New Times for just putting out this story on our non violent protest. Thank you Phx. New Times … You and Alex Jones covered our protest lol !
It’s really sad when Alex Jones reports our rallies more accurately… Or let me re-phrase that … When Alex Jones even acknowledges that there are even people against Trump in Arizona strongly opposing him
In addition… It’s awful funny what happens when you don’t back queen Hillary
Alex Jones covered our non violent protest against Trump and surprisingly didn’t smear us in that one event… Unlike our local media… Thanks for nothing 🙂
So Saturday June 18th, 2016 really did turn out to be a day that truly made the Colosseum: “THE MAD HOUSE ON MCDOWELL !
LOL I made Info Wars and… Alex Jones pretty much didn’t change my statement at all lol ! Who woulda’ thunk it? Info Wars? The commenters are now pissed at Alex Jones because he let me trash Der Trumpf and the Shillary supporters are pissed because I stated I WONT EVER VOTE FOR SHILLARY lol !
In addition… I guess you will all be stunned when I say our local media pretty much ignored us lol. I am just so shocked but…. Let’s look at some specific so called journal outlets like…
How funny… KJZZ wouldn’t even interview our peace loving brothers and sisters at our non- violent protest that occurred at the actual site against Der Fascist Trump and …
Channel 12 let Brahm Resnik get away with glorifying a hate group the day before in his news segment while insinuating that all of us terrible peaceful anti-Trump protesters were going to burn down the collesseum (lol). for that matter none of the local media would even tough us …
Oh… But almost forgot… The KJZZ reporter did find time to interview a right wing hater trying to intimidate us… Great job KJZZ ! It’s looks like all that Koch brothers dinero (money lol) is really paying off for our Public media, wink, wink, nod, nod. And…Let’s just top it off with how the Arizona Republic actually gave in their supposed unbiased coverage of Der Trumpf’s event a link within their article stating that their readers could go there to get free tickets thee Der Trumpf event. I am just shocked I tell you !
Oh… And I guess our local media left out that El Ducey the Az. governor was there paying homage to Der Trumpf as well or… was Ducey there or not… I don’t know because … I guess the local media did a favor for him and kept his name out of the event. Thank you loco media lol !
So again, this turned out to be good day to protest Fascism and Der Trumpf who represents it and …the Republican Party!
Actually though… I am not joking when I say that I am shocked that Alex Jones didn’t twist my words lol ! We’re looking the “the Looking Glass” when Alex Jones gives more accurate reporting for an event in Phoenix then the local media LOL !
And my anarchist brothers and sisters …. gotta love ’em !
They put up the old Soviet Flag behind me LOL ! Hey, Im not a communist but I am a Socialist but guess what? They (my Anarchist brothers and sisters) are always there at these protests standing up non-violently for human rights … Unlike the snobbish corporate/corrupt Democratic politicians who are to good to come stand with us with the exception of Az. State Rep. Cardenas who marched with at the last Trump event! He put his words into action, thank you for doing that representative Cardenas 🙂
(and yes…I know a couple politicians appeared at a park like 4 or 5 hours before the Trump rally). That’s cool but we really needed them where Trump was really speaking to show that Phoenix and Arizona aren’t ruled by Bigots and Fascists … Oh well… Corporate Democrats were A.W.O.L. again except for Rep Cardenas who showed up and marched with us at the Fountain Hills Trump protest.
Leonard Clark
Pain the Arse activist
June 20th, 2016

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leonard clark

I am an Arizona Progressive veteran who is concerned not only for myself but my loved ones and my progeny. I am deeply interested in the world and universe.

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