The Republic’s Slide Toward the Abyss

Sharing from Len Ckark’s note:

The Republic’s slide toward the abyss:

I was at a anti-Trump protest on Saturday June 18th, 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona and horrified that the Trump Fascists at his “Nuremberg” style rally in Phoenix on Saturday were even spitting on McCain’s p.o.w. experience that he went through in service to his nation and that they were calling him a traitor and that … All Muslims should die …
Now… As you all know I oppose John McCain on everything he stands for politically but I will not ever attack the service he gave to our nation … Hearing these so called Republican men and women say these things told me that surely they would not cry if we were to lose the republic that we now have and I realized that if we don’t oppose these poor ignorant fools succumbing to Neo-American Fascism then the republic is on its way out.
So… Let me clearly state this (and I know it will disappoint some but oh well): I do not support anyone, anybody or any organization that advocates for the destruction of our Republic. And that I will in defense against those who should take up arms against it in return do so myself.
Now, that being said … The two party American duopoly is a modern day dinosaur full of entrenched elected and appointed elites. For the most part they are now so corrupted that this has caused many of the people to have lost faith in their governance due to their criminal enrichment of themselves.
I really don’t believe that the people have lost their faith in our Democratic system of government but just in the crooks that now run it.
Unfortunately, if we don’t clean these crooks out of government soon it will allow truly vile and evil fanatics to have their way with the destruction of our government and this will not result in utopia but to the contrary…It will result in a true hell for those who live in the country. I have been to another country called Iraq while serving in the U.S. Army and I have seen first hand what happens when a whole country falls into chaos …It truly is hell on earth.
So let me reiterate one more time that I will oppose those who wish to destroy our republic with every ounce of energy and force that I can muster.
Our enemy is not our system of government it is the elected and appointed officials within it who have become so entrenched and corrupted that their very rule now threatens us with the spectre of a Neo American Fascist thug named Trump.
Leonard Clark
Phoenix, Arizona
June 21st, 2016


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leonard clark

I am an Arizona Progressive veteran who is concerned not only for myself but my loved ones and my progeny. I am deeply interested in the world and universe.

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