Senate Candidate Kirkpatrick Should Also Advocate For The Human Rights Of The Apache Nation By Stopping The Mine At Oak Flat!

images-8.jpegimages.pngTomorrow… In Phoenix, Arizona Congressman Ruben Gallego will be appearing with congress person Kirkpatrick to ask for the restoration of section 4 of the Voting Rights Act but….. There will be no mention of the restoral of human rights to our brothers and the sisters of the Great Apache Nation with the suspension of the proposed desecrating and poisoning mine at Oak Flat:
I support the restoring section 4 of the Voting Rights Act because voting is a human right but what I don’t support is Ann Kirkpatrick’s hypocrisy of using it cynically for her campaign while completely ignoring the human rights of our brothers and sisters of the Great Apache Nation to not have their sacred land poisoned and desecrated with the proposed foreign corporate mine constructed at Oak Flat, Arizona.
June 28, 2016. Now, the Arizona Democratic Party is very interested reinstating section 4 of the voting rights act… Yet the two people who are promoting it tomorrow and…Please Don’t get me wrong I believe what they are doing is right… These two people also have ulterior reasons for making a big publicity stunt to reinstate section 4 of the voting rights act.
What the congressman Ruben Gallego and Congress person and U.S. Senate candidate Kirkpatrick are doing is to to promote (her) Ann Kirkpatrick’s election to the U.S. Senate… This is the same Kirkpatrick who says that she believes in the human right of being able to vote yet does not believe conversely in the human right of our Apache brothers and sisters to not have their sacred land desecrated and poisoned by the approved foreign mining company which is about to construct a mine on their sacred land at Oak Flat, Arizona and … Of which she (Kirkpatrick) not only approves but is strongly supporting coming to fruition by her kissing up to the foreign mining company Rio Tinto not to mention padding her campaign bank account.
Ruben Gallego the Congressman… Has been appearing along with his partner Phoenix city Council person Kate Gallego many times in the Phoenix area over the last five or six months to help get congress person Kirkpatrick elected into the U.S. Senate from Arizona… I wouldn’t have a problem with congressman Gallego helping congress person Kirkpatrick just because she is a Democrat to get elected into the U.S. Senate … But congress person Gallego is just using this as a publicity stunt to help Kirkpatrick and Hillary get elected on behalf of their respective campaigns. So the Arizona Democratic party leadership talked a big talk but… When push came to shove during the Arizona presidential preference election they did not call for a re-vote…Because just by coincidence that would have made a fair election for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.
But getting back to the horrible mine at Oak Flat that is about to be built on the sacred land of our brother and sister Apaches… She, Ann Krikpatrick disregards the pleas and the non-violent protests of our Apache brothers and sisters who have repeatedly asked her to not allow this mine at Oak Flat and to stop helping John McCain with this foreign mining company construct this mine shortly after her election and that of Hillary Clinton (If she is coronated as president).
And another much larger reason that makes this wrong on the part of Congressman Gallego and his partner Kate Gallego of the Phoenix city Council to appear with Ann Kirkpatrick for the U.S. Senate is the fact that Kirkpatrick is working in league with the right wing extremist John McCain and Paul Gosar… Who are about to commit an impending environmental and cultural crime against our Apache brothers and sisters and therefore a crime against humanity with the construction of the mine at Oak Flat… That is they (McCain, Kirkpatrick and Gosar) are about to commit a cultural and environmental crime against the Apache nation at Oak flat Arizona with the construction of this very poisonous and desecrating mine despite the fact that it is on the Apaches sacred land.
Further… I believe that Congressman Gallego is being rather hypocritical in helping promote Kirkpatrick’s U.S. Senate campaign (who strongly supports the mine) when he says He is helping at the same time congressman Raul Grijalva from southern Arizona with his House Bill 2811 to stop the mine at Oak Flat (and by the way sadly…That bill is going nowhere).
So again, this is what this whole appearance is about tomorrow… It’s meant to accomplish at least 4 things… 1.) A publicity stunt to cynically help Hillary Clinton and…2.) A publicity stunt to help Kirkpatrick now that they feel Bernie Sanders is out of the picture and 3)…. Turn the anger at the Democratic establishment for helping rig the election for Hillary by suddenly saying: “Hey, we feel your pain young Millennial voters we were angry about your votes being stolen for Bernie so now we want to help you have your votes count for Hillary and her strong supporter and endorser Ann Kirkpatrick.”
And 4.) Ann Kirkpatrick is known much more in the rural areas of Arizona then in the most populous county of Arizona which is Maricopa county so now… She needs great help by the Democratic establishment to get votes in Maricopa county….Hence Congressman Ruben Gallego and his partner Phoenix city council person Kate Gallego who have been appearing at Fundraisers for Kirkpatrick and taking Kirkpatrick all around Maricopa county promoting her and telling people what a swell person she is….
The lady who voted against G.M.O. labeling and the lady who said she would vote with the Republicans to over ride the president’s veto on the large spending bill known as the N.D.A.A. because it temporarily put a stop on her corporate foreign mining company buddies approval for the desecrating and poisonous mine at Oak Flat.
So they Congressman Gallego and Kirkpatrick can say all they want that they believe in the human right of voting while at the same time ignoring the human rights of approximately 50,000 members of our brothers and sisters of the great Apache nation including their tribal chairman and most of their tribal government with the construction of the horrible foreign multi-national corporate mine at Oak Flat. It is just plain hypocritical for Congressman Gallego to state that he is against the mine at Oak flat while helping in the fund-raising and the campaigning in Maricopa County for Congress woman Ann Kirkpatrick and to conveniently not bring up the fact that Kirkpatrick is about to commit this crime against our Apache brothers and sisters and there against humanity as well.
And another thing… Many of our younger brothers and sisters in the Latino community… Strongly sympathize with their brothers and sisters and our brothers and sisters of the Apache nation at Oak flat… But there are older leaders in the community and in the Arizona Democratic Party who have stated that they believe the claim by the Apaches at Oak flat that their land is sacred is essentially not true and for all intents and purposes to be garbage…
So, those are my reasons brothers and sisters for why Arizona Congress persons Gallego and Kirkpatrick are having their publicity stunt tomorrow. Yes…I am totally in support for human rights being restored for those whose votes are stolen with the re-implementation of section 4 of the Voting Rights Act but we should hold our elected officials and politicians accountable not just for the human right of voting but for the human right of having one’s culture and sacred land preserved for future generations as well as having clean, air, water and land.
Our Arizona Democratic party leadership is doing this feel good event tomorrow while ignoring a whole people desperately trying to preserve what’s left of their culture, language, and sacred lands. They continue to behave as if this is the Arizona Democratic party of 1916 not 2016 because when push comes to shove… the $$$$$$ from the Rio Tinto mining corporation comes first and the our Apache brothers and sisters still come last.
Leonard Clark
June 29th, 2016

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leonard clark

I am an Arizona Progressive veteran who is concerned not only for myself but my loved ones and my progeny. I am deeply interested in the world and universe.

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