No Re-Vote For Bernie In Az. But the Az. Democratic Hillary Supporting Leadership Want You To Know That They “Feel Your Pain” and You Can Vote For Hillary


The Arizona Democratic Corporate Hillary supporting leadership “feels your pain” brothers and sisters so they want to help you get your votes back just in time to vote for their corporate queen Hillary in November…. Now…. I know you are all just so thankful to  that the Az. Democratic establishment is fighting for your right to vote for her royal heinous Hillary when they wouldn’t do it in March due to that pesky Democratic Socialist named Bernie Sanders trying to beat her fair and square (which he did)  🙂   But now that the DNC and the AZ. Democratic establishment has made sure through  what looks like collusion with officials in the Maricopa county Recorder’s  and elections office that Bernie has been cheated out of the election in Maricopa county and Arizona… Well now… They will fight for your right to vote for Hillary 🙂

Further… The mainstream media is throwing all of their soft ball questions at Hillary Supporters such as congressman Ruben Gallego, Kate Gallego and congress woman Ann Kirkpatrick here are the quotes from yesterday’s UNDERWHELMING meeting of HILLARY SUPPORTERS by congressman Gallego:


“Let’s make clear what happened [in the primary] — there was voter suppression,” declared U.S. Rep. Ruben Gallego, who co-chaired the forum with Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick.”- R.G.

“Was it intentional? We can’t say at this point. But we know for a fact there were hindrances to voting … and none of this would have occurred had we had the Voting Rights Act in place,” he added.-R.G.

So…. Now the Az. Democratic Hillary supporting leadership wants to do something about the voter suppression even though  congressman Gallego didn’t even call for a re-vote when the vote suppressing fiasco happened on March 22nd. Yes, he stated that he believed voter suppression took place but that he wouldn’t say it was “intentional”. Rest assured brothers and sisters…This is all about the two gatekeepers/politicos that both parties have in place to oversee the votes in Arizona’s most numerous county by far, Maricopa county. You see one of these gate keepers is a Republican… Maricopa county Recorder Helen Purcell and her lackey and other gate keeper for the Democrats is Maricopa county elections director Karen Osborne. No candidate or state aid initiative is going to pass unless their defacto veto is avoided and to avoid that defacto veto on any state wide candidate or initiative….Their two party’s leadership, the Republicans and the Democrats must give the green light for anything to pass. And…That means that anything which violates their political status quo: Namely new political party and Maverick Independent candidates are not ever going to win as long as this un-official gate keeper system is allowed to continue on.

Further, the one elected Democratic politician in Arizona that did advocate for a re-vote (Arizona state representative Larkin) stopped advocating for that so that not one high ranking Az. Democratic official called for a re-vote at the time of the Az. Presidential Preference fiasco last March 22nd. If you know of any then please let me know and I will report it here.

A Metaphorical comparison of the Az Democratic Leadership’s Actions on March 22nd, 2016 to that of the doomed Warsaw Uprising:
There is a metaphorical comparison not only of Arizona’s Democratic Hillary supporting leadership but of it’s leadership overall nationally to an incident that took place during WWII called: “The Warsaw Uprising”. Essentially… the nitty gritty is that Stalin chose to stay just across the East bank of the Vistula river and let the largest “resistance” uprising of WWII be crushed by the Nazis before he would allow his army to then liberate the city.
Unknown-10.jpeg   The beautiful young and courageous freedom fighters of the Warsaw Uprising.
So… While voter suppression and vote rigging took place all across the country and in Phoenix supporters of Democracy and of Bernie Sanders stood up against this….So what did the Arizona Democratic leadership do? They filed a lawsuit over voter suppression but admitted that they weren’t interested in really investigating and changing the outcome of the Arizona presidential preference election on March 22nd, 2016. No…They only wanted their lawsuit to effect Hillary’s election in November and …
Their actions (The Democratic Establishment) have now clearly shown that with this farce of a publicity stunt they just conducted with congressman Gallego, congress lady Kirkpatrick, Phoenix city council person Kate Gallego and Phoenix mayor Stanton etc. that they did not metaphorically “liberate” Democracy that infamous day in Maricopa county on March 22nd, 2016 they let it be crushed.
Meanwhile the Sanders campaign investigated and tried to do something about it but very probably realized that their chances were practically nill in this very corrupt Maricopa county where the two party establishment had set up their gate keeper system under Purcell and Osborne to stop anything from coming down the pike that would weaken their political duopolistic hold on power in Maricopa county and therefore by extended consequence all of Arizona.
So, the Arizona Democratic party played the role of Stalin and …Carried out their metaphorical act of the Warsaw Uprising in Maricopa county by letting Democracy be crushed that day on March 22nd, by “staying just across the metaphorical river” as they witnessed the Democratic freedom fighters and supporters of Bernie’s campaign be destroyed by the corrupt judicial and elective system as they fought it to their last breath. But again… Don’t worry brothers and sisters The DNC feels you pain.
Leonard Clark
Purcell Resign !

To the Beautiful young freedom fighters of the Warsaw Uprising…..We pay tribute to your love and courage to stand up against the monster of tyranny. And…To the young Millennials and old hippies of today that are  standing up for freedom and free and equal elections of today…I and we thank you.
In Conclusion…You now know why the Az. Democratic party leadership suddenly gives a “damn” about you… Because ….Well  “They feel your pain” and now that the voter suppression that took place on March 22nd, in Maricopa county and Arizona helped steal your votes for  their corporate candidate Hillary……  Well…They Really do need you vote in November for Hillary.

But don’t worry…. “No Need to Fear” The Hillary supporting Az. Democratic leadership is here to see that you know they feel your pain all the way into the poll booth as you vote like good sheep for the corporate/corrupt queen Hillary of the Clinton Syndicate who stole our votes !




PS forgot to mention that you will be happy to know that the Az. Democratic party leadership and Congressman Gallego, Kate Gallego and Ann Kirkpatrick support the foreign mining company constructing a foreign, poisonous and desecrating mine at Oak Flat because… Well because $$$$$$$ trumps the human rights of our Apache brothers and sisters and the clean air, water and land of our children. SAVE OAK FLAT !

Leonard Clark Arizona Democratic Socialist


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