Bernie Rides Coach… Gets No Justice. Bill Clinton gets on Attorney General’s private jet: Makes a mockery of justice

While L.B.J. winked and smiled at a crony as he was sworn in on Air Force One…Bill Clinton winked and smiled at the U.S. Attorney General on her private jet is she also another “crony”?
This was Bill Clinton being true to form making sure the chief of the U.S. Justice system in the United States would stop any indictment of his wife, the corporate/ fake Democrat Hillary Clinton.
The Clinton Syndicate is so powerful that even the Attorney General of the United States is in the Clinton’s pockets…Metaphorically this was an “LBJ wink and a smile” right after the assassination of the president except in this case Bill Clinton was winking and smiling right after the assassination of whatever was left of our system of justice for politicians and bankers…
This happened in the city where I live Phoenix, Arizona and now I am wondering what else went on and is going on.  And… Ironically everybody knows that the only thing that happens in Phoenix during the summer is frying eggs on a sidewalk… But ironically… Bill Clinton was trying to save his wife and corporate candidate Hellary Clinton’s goos from being cooked.
Now… I didn’t figure that Bill Clinton would be allowed to get off his private Lear Jet and get on the private Lear Jet of the U.S. Attorney General here in my home town and airport of Phoenix, Arizona or… I might just have asked for the same right to get on the U.S. Attorney general’s plane as well for a special audience with Loretta Lynch and demand that she tell Bill Clinton to kiss her arse and tell her that he was not going to blackmail her, remind her of all the favors he and his wife have done for her etc.  But… Something tells me that if I … A peasant residing in my home town of Phoenix had tried to do so … I would not have gotten the same option as Bill Clinton did… “Ya Think?”
Can we say LBJ and Warren commission ? This is power in one of its most brazen and scary forms arrogantly displaying itself right before our very eyes. And it happened right here in Phoenix … Where we fry eggs. I I wonder … Since the city of Phoenix owns and runs our Sky Harbor airport if Phoenix mayor Stanton brokered this meeting and gave permission for it since he was runs Sky Harbor airport and had just been meeting with and escorting the U.S. Attorney General Jessica Lynch around our town.
Remember … It was Clinton who pushed for and got stringent new laws that would throw tens of thousands of more poor people and people of color in jail.
So…Bill Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar and he knew exactly what he was doing when he very publicly here at the Phoenix airport walked over to and boarded the U.S. Attorney General’s plane sitting on the tarmac…
This was an infamous and arrogan act to tell all of us peasants that he is so powerful and that the system is so corrupt that even the chief of our entire justice system is beholden to him and he can do whatever he wants…. literally in broad daylight in the sixth largest city in the U.S. thumb his nose in front of our faces, and get away with anything.
 This last bit information comes from a friend with the initials M.F. Thank you to M.F. for sharing it because is pretty amazing how our government leaders are totally bought and sold … But then again… It’s not so amazing…Here’s the statement from M.F. : “the Clintons travel on Corporate jets donated for their transportation,. In return get government access. Go to Dulles International airport FBO’s ; Signature Aviation and Landmark Aviation, you will see your Senator’s and Congressman getting off corporate jets.”
This statement was written by Deb A. Thank you to her for this information 🙂
“Yesterday, some Hillary supporters were saying that even if she gets indicted, the DNC will just “draft Biden” at the convention and that they will never nominate Bernie. This is actually how they “think”. So WTF did we even bother VOTING for then? WTF is the purpose of democracy or having an election if they can just “draft someone in” and completely ignore the will of the people?”
Who knows. Looks like the govt is falling apart:
This was Bill Clinton winking and smilingly arrogantly at all of us and saying: ” We are the Clinton Syndicate and… We are above the law and there is not a damn thing you can do about it.” 🙂
Justice may ride in Coach … but if it is true justice and not fake …”Flying Coach” as Bernie does is still truly First Class.
Leonard Clark
Arizona Democratic Socialist
July 4th, 2016

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leonard clark

I am an Arizona Progressive veteran who is concerned not only for myself but my loved ones and my progeny. I am deeply interested in the world and universe.

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