Phx Mayor Stanton/Democratic Council Hand Out Approx 1 Billion Dollars In Tax Free Bonding To Corporate Charter Schools.

Hillary supporting Phx mayor and Democratic Hillary Supporting Phx city council members have methodically worked with Republicans to privatize our public schools.
The mayor of Phoenix, Greg Stanton (HRC supporter, prop 123 supporter) along with Laura Pastor (HRC supporter, prop 123 supporter), Kate Gallego (HRC supporter, prop 123 supporter), Daniel Valenzuela(HRC supporter, prop 123 supporter) in concert with the right wingers Sal Diciccio(Trump supporter) and Mr. Waring(Trump supporter). Mayor Stanton is a Hillary supporter and frequent traveller to Washington D.C. has helped to usher in approximately 1,000,000,000 sweet take free bond issuance here from Phoenix’s Industrial to corporate charter schools… The steady and methodical privatization of our public schools not only here in Arizona but around the rest of the country.
Our Phoenix Industrial Development is a faux board although it is implied that it is independent. The reason for this is that any decisions they approve must then by voted on and approved by the full city council of Phoenix. I fairly certain that most of the tax free municipal bond funding for corporate charter schools came through this board. And now, it is making sense over the years of Phx mayor Stanton’s constant flying to Washington to meet with former Education Secretary Duncan. The Democratic party must have been getting large donations and… Probably many of its elites were getting indirect kickbacks for throwing so much cheap bonding towards the corporate charter schools way.
In addition… Just to let you know how much politics and $$$ are going back and forth here…The last time I checked the law firm/lobbying firm representing the Phoenix Industrial Development Authority was the same one that employed Jack Abramoff.

Corporate charter schools are just that … Corpirate (misspelling intended) with no parental school board that puts its children first only corporate board of directors that puts profit first.

Further, they do not “compete” with public schools unless you consider all of the loop holes and special favors a corpirate charter school gets as being fair…

not least of which being they get to pick and choose their students along with being able to kick out those students who are struggling academically while our public schools rightfully and legally have to accept all those who want to enroll there notwithstanding their religion, ethnicity or physical or cognitive challenges.

Leonard Clark
Arizona Democratic Socialist
July 4th, 2016

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leonard clark

I am an Arizona Progressive veteran who is concerned not only for myself but my loved ones and my progeny. I am deeply interested in the world and universe.

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