In Az. Some are fooling themselves when they think they can trust Purcell, Osborne and Reagan


Hillary and the Vichy Corrupt/corporate Democrats are “wolves in sheep’s clothing” while: Trump and his xenophobic/Republican followers are “wolves in wolves clothing”


But we have a choice… Independent thought and Independent candidates along with other progressive political parties are now upon us. Though…Now the two party duopoly is trying desperately with all of their might to stop their two party gang rule from slipping through their greedy hands.


Okay brothers and sisters… I have been hearing that so-called Democrats are now going to work with the Arizona Secretary of State Michelle Reagan and… With the Maricopa County recorder Helen Purcell… I understand the good hearted intentions of those activists in our community who believe that they can still work with these two corrupt officials… I really do… But after having participated in what is a banana republic called the state of Arizona for the last 20 years as an activist and as a political candidate… I have come to find with evidence that both the Maricopa County recorder Helen Purcell and her lackey Maricopa County elections director Karen Osborne and last but not least the Arizona Secretary of State are so corrupt and entrenched that to pretend to work with them and think that they are going to actually pass laws to make our votes count is ludicrous if not foolhardy…

So go ahead and do this whole game of supposedly meeting with organizations like Arizona Advocacy Network and P.D.A. (Progressive Democrats of America) progressive Democrats yes they are but… Still loyal Democrats to who ever the Democratic nominee will be. But please remember they are working with the Democratic establishment whether they like to admit it or not and that means of course getting the anointed corrupt corporate Democratic queen Hillary Clinton elected in the end even if they try to make it sound like they aren’t by carefully refraining from using her name. And, that also means that yes …They care about stopping voter suppression and vote rigging when it helps Hillary Clinton and the entrenched and corrupt Clinton Syndicate.

When our brothers and sisters were calling for a re-vote after the obvious vote suppressing and rigged fiasco known as the Arizona Presidential Preference Primary on March 22nd, 2016 these so called progressive organizations were not calling for a re-vote. They just wanted to “look beyond” Bernie Sanders being cheated in the Arizona vote and our votes for him being stolen. Now….Now they care about your vote so their precious corrupt FAKE VICHY Democrat can be elected.

I would like you all to know brothers and sisters that I am not going to B.S. you and say to that I think we can suddenly change the hearts and the consciousness of these corrupt political officials… Because we can only to correct this election system that is not “free and equal” in Arizona or the nation by legal actions in the courts and in the courts of public opinion… Right now we are being told to follow certain progressive people who …Truth be told are now trying to get the vote stealing queen Hillary elected and… We do not know their motives for doing so…. Fear of Trump?, fear of the Clinton family arranging convenient accidents via their surrogate corporate friends? Or $$$ “under the table” and outright $$$ “over the table” in the form of patronage?,  jobs both private and public, both political and private?  So we do not know what tactics the Democratic Party is using to try sucker in certain activists in our community by either fooling them were bribing them.

In conclusion if you have any doubts about how corrupt and crooked our American politicians are… Go back to November 22, 1963… And there you can study the evidence and the pros and cons where you will see that politicians including a Democratic vice president conspired to and did murder our beloved president Kennedy… On that day our constitutional Democratic Republic truly took an almost mortal hit… But we are not dead yet we have the hope in our hearts of restoring our constitutional Democratic Republic through Bernie Sanders and…If they succeed in stealing this election from him at the convention at Philadelphia later this month…Then Bernie will still have played a major role in helping us to get back our  Constitutional Democratic Republic with a non-violent political revolution. Bernie has done more good for our republic then all of the frightened and entrenched politicians who cling to their power arbitrarily like frightened and terrified little children that are desperately doing anything to hold onto to that power. And…When I say: “will do anything”…I mean anything.

But lets us not be scared off or intimidated…We must not give up but again please don’t be fooled by corrupt politicians whether Democratic or Republican and please, above all if you’re going to support a Democratic candidate really know if they are not corrupt and if they are not supporting Hillary… For my part… I will not trust any politician and that would be especially Republican and Democratic politicians. I will though…Consider voting for Democratic politicians on a case by case basis even though right now…I am inclined to vote for none of them as they are part of a corrupt Clinton/D.N.C. corporate machine. The tentacles of the Clinton syndicate extend far and wide… And of course our far right wing Republican fascist friends as well are totally corrupted. I would ask that you also consider independent or third party candidates such as Green party or Socialist candidates if they can ever get on the ballot despite political officials keeping them off through legal and illegal shenanigans. So thank you for being independent and for not sitting down and “shutting up” anymore as we have been told to do by tunnel visioned, shoulder padded establishment Democrats for the last twenty years every time we even give one hint of criticism at the corrupt Clinton aristocratic family. I know this message will piss off some of you brothers and sisters but so be it I have to live with myself I’m not a politician I actually have a conscience and need to try and sleep and night 🙂 now if you would all like to join me for an egg fry on a Phoenix sidewalk downtown in the middle of summer I would love to see you all there LOL.

Leonard Clark

Progressive activist

Arizona Democratic Socialist

July 5th, 2016


Published by

leonard clark

I am an Arizona Progressive veteran who is concerned not only for myself but my loved ones and my progeny. I am deeply interested in the world and universe.

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