Non Violent Phx protesters pepper sprayed while Phx police chief expresses condolences for police, none for victims of police brutality


On those who criticize our fellow progressive brothers and sisters who marched for justice tonight due to the participation of Maupin:
An “Establishment” supporter of militarized police who criticizes our non violent protesting brothers and sisters march tonight and praises mayor Stanton on his wall then in blocks me lol . You see… Others like the Establishment supporter couldn’t put their anger and egos aside long enough to march with our brothers and sisters non violently tonight because of their anger for Maupin…( I too am guilty of that) and I strongly disagree with him on the monster Arpaio
… But what some of my brothers and sisters forgot… Like the Establishment supporter, is that this march was not about Maupin…It was a non violent march for justice and nothing they say or do to back up the Establishment and the likes of Stanton, Gallego, Nowakowski, Diciccio etc. who tried to intimidate from having our march tonight will change that. In fact… While we of course express our condolences to the loss of police officers and condemn those who carried out the violence we also condemn those police officers that brutalize and harass our people.
I am a moderate and believe me… If I’m protesting this …That means that this shiza has really gotten to the point where it will not be accepted anymore. In conclusion…. These same city of Phoenix officials: Stanton, Gallego, Nowakowski didn’t express much if any sympathy for the murder victims of police brutality… No … All they could do was show their bias in continually repeating their condolences due to the loss of police (which again we also give condolences).

I fully understand that my critical reports against certain politicians, appointed and law enforcement officials has put a target on my back brothers and sisters (especially with police and their secret squads)  but…Our children deserve to grow up in a loving and humane society that truly uses justice to establish this and… by extension therefore a fully operational Constitutional Republic.

This was a truly inspirational evening in Phoenix tonight and… I don’t care about all of the negative spinning and lying the MainStream Media will tomorrow….WE MARCHED FOR JUSTICE AND HUMANITY NON VIOLENTLY AND WE WERE RIGHT IN DOING SO  !

Thank you to my brother Geoff Woods who appears in the youtube below shouting “truth to power” into the live Fox news feed before they could cut him off and shouting that we were all being killed and oppressed… black, brown, yellow, red and white and that we were unitied in our stand for justice against police brutality and murder.

Ok brothers and sisters … I decided to march against police brutality in Phoenix non-violently this evening. I did this knowing that one of the main people leading it was someone with which I have deep disagreements on other things that have happened lately. But, at this point I to set aside my anger at Mr. Maupin and marched in peace and love with my brothers and sisters against unpunished police murders.

I just got plain tired of waiting for other civil rights leaders in Phoenix to step up to the plate non-violently and do something in the form of a public action. In addition… I was greatly disappointed in some of our community leaders who decided to be pushed by or either  to collaborate/appease city of Phoenix officials by giving into their demands for the non-violent protest not to be held.

Of course, these city of Phoenix officials used the word “postponed” as if to imply that they would want the non-violent protest to be held later but knowing full well that they really hoped the righteous anger of the people would cool sufficiently so that no protest would ever be held and business…A.K.A. the status quo would just continue on the way it always has: People of color and poor people being shot down unnecessarily by some law enforcement police.

  Among the city of Phoenix politicians trying to stop this non violent march against police brutality were: Phoenix mayor GREG STANTON , city councilman NOWAKOWSKI, city council person GALLEGO, and RIGHT WING EXTREMIST SAL DICICCIO. I will say this about Phoenix mayor Greg Stanton at least he tried to express sympathy for victims of police brutality (whether sincere or not) unlike his police chief Joe Yahner who just basically strongly implied that he was going to use Home Land Security.

So you know what brothers and sisters? For those attacking us for marching non violently tonight… This is a free country and the people are allowed to march non violently and constitutionally to petition their government leaders for redress.  All I from the police chief and Phoenix politicians was sympathy for police being murdered which of course, we have but… I hardly heard anything from the politicians today (except for mayor Stanton) for the murders of the people by a militarized police bounding out of control in it over reactions towards those they are supposed to protect.

The police chief of Phoenix was stone cold callous toward those who have suffered at the hands of police brutality. Throughout Phoenix mayor Stanton’s short speech, a thinly veiled sneer could be witnessed on the face of the chief when the mayor explained that although he wanted the march postponed that the people had a right constitutionally to march non violently. The sneer on the chief’s face could continue to be seen when the mayor specifically mentioned the victims of police brutality in Minnesota and Louisiana.

Now, while I have the highest respect and admiration for those who put their lives on the line to protect the people … I have the highest disdain for the rogue police who are continually harassing our people and murdering them. Further, I at least could at least understand former Phoenix police chief Garcia for standing up to his police union. But Yahner comes from the ranks of this militarized police leadership that permeates not only the force in Phoenix but throughout the nation as well. Let’s get this straight…THE PEOPLE ARE NOT THE ENEMY! STOP TREATING THEM AS SUCH BY SHOOTING THEM DOWN AND IMPRISONING THEM!

In addition…I observed Pro-Police Phoenix city councilman Nowakowski repeatedly standing in street facing on coming non-violent marchers as if to try to intimidate or dissuade them from marching non-violently for justice in response to police brutality in Phoenix and around the country. Please tell me this guy doesn’t work for Radio Campesina and that he is a Democrat (oops forgot…He is a corporate Democrat that supports queen Hillary and whose husband was responsible for putting more people of color in jail than any other president).

Also, I watched a video (link below) of a article in which Phoenix politicians were expressing their regrets that a non-violent march was being held in Phoenix this evening. One of these appointed officials was the Phoenix police chief who… While stating that he worked with community leaders had no words of condolence for African American victims of police brutality in homocide but… The chief made it very clear that he had huge sorrow for fallen officers yet stated nothing about victims of police brutality or homocide.

The chief’s hard core and cold hearted statement showed true bias by stating his condolences  for the murders of police but not for the victims of police brutality and police homocide. In addition, the Phoenix police chief went on to state/give assurances that he was working with Home Land Security as if to state that we non violent protesters were all terrorists. I believe that: 1.) He showed by his callous statement that he does not really care about the murdered victims of police brutality and that 2.) He is very fearful of his officers police union which is notorious for defending officers even after they have been convicted for violent crimes against the people they are supposed to protect.

Leonard Clark
July 8th, 2016





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