Phoenix City Councilman Nowakowski: “Bull Connor” of Phoenix

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Another powerful politician who would love for me to have an unfortunate accident: City councilman Michael Nowakowski of Phoenix district#7:
Phoenix City Councilman Michael Nowakowski:
“Bull Connor” of Phoenix:
Really loved how councilman Nowakowski stood in the middle of the street to oppose my brother and sisters no violent march for justice this evening in Phoenix. Can someone tell me how this guy is a vice president of radio campesina because he is acting like a right wing fundamentalist Republican evangelical. Mark my words…..He is looking for a way to get elected as a Republican oh … But wait… He’s a Conservative Democrat and supporter of the Corporate Democratic party… So… Same difference.
He trying to play the role of “Bull Connor” except that in this case…He was trying to stop justice for police brutality and murder victims. Really saddened to see how he was kissing up to the police chief Yahner who made it plain yesterday in his comments at the press conference that he wasn’t going to express sympathy for victims of police brutality and murder…
And for the record…He despises me for outing him on his homophobic comments and has used the excuse that his bigoted beliefs against same sex bathrooms are part of his religion. So yes, I guess he is also Bull Connor of Alabama in the sense that he is for segregating our Trans Gender brothers and sisters from bathrooms… Oh …And forgot to mention that I have heard him personally during official city of Phoenix council meetings from his official microphone/podium decry the fact that: There is no more prayer in schools and that is why our students are just lousy.
But just when you thought councilman Nowakowski couldn’t be anymore of a corporate right wing fake Democrat… We only have to look back several years to see that he also worked with the monster Arpaio. Now… as in the case with Maupin who at least participated in a non violent march for justice against police brutality… We were able to put our egos aside and march for justice against police brutality and murder but what did Phoenix city councilman Nowakowski do? No… He didn’t march with us … He stood facing us  in the street opposed as it were to our route of  non violent march for justice against police brutality and murder…
So Yes… There are limits to setting aside differences as was with the case of Maupin yesterday but with Nowakowski… We couldn’t… Because he was literally standing in the street opposed to us trying to very openly curry favor with the very politically active Phoenix police union.
.. Councilman Nowakowski has (if you haven’t heard) has been trying to play the role of a Dixie Democrat in Arizona but somehow… He forgot that … THIS IS ARIZONA NOT ALABAMA circa 1950s! lol
Leonard Clark
July 8th, 2016

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