Mainstream Media Is Lying…I was there and there was no warning before Pepper Spray and Tear Gas were fired into the faces of peaceful protesters!

First here is my thought on the M.S.M lying to all of you and telling you and that we were warned before we were tear gassed last night and pepper sprayed in the faces last night… I was just standing on the sidewalk next to the police line and the illogical and idiotic spooking of my non violent brothers and sisters by the police and Phoenix political leadership (Phoenix city councilman Nowawkowski stood in the middle of the street multiple times taunting the crowd to run him over and trying to impede our march) caused them to panic and nearly stampede my self and others.
F.G. is right…. There were no warnings not from helicopters or police on the ground that pepper spray would be sprayed into my non violent brothers and sisters faces marching for justice in Phoenix last night. Now, after hearing all the talk about how the mainstream media lies…. I have seen for myself. P.S. I was right underneath those helicopters and all they did was try to spook us by erratically moving their powerful search light over us light like a strobe light to dis-orient us. Now… There’s a winning strategy… Dis-orient and spray pepper spray into peaceful and non-violent marchers faces who are marching for social justice… That’s great. P.S. M.S.M is lying to you. And we weren’t on the freeway.- Leonard Clark proud to have marched non-violently for social justice against police brutality and murder yesterday.
Below is my sister of peace F.G.’s thoughts on this lie being spread by sympathizers of the Phoenix mayor Stanton, Nowakowski, Diciccio and the callous Phoenix police chief Joe Yahner:  which by the way I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE WITH 🙂

“I love how people keep telling me the people we’re warned before they pepper sprayed us. Question, where you there? Did you walk with us? If not, please have a seat on your opinion.

When you march and protest your doing just that. There was no cop speaking to any of us warning us to go any other way. No one on the mega phone or anything for any warnings. See, what you so think happens is from sitting on your couch watching from your TV. So when people are marching how are we supposed to know what’s being said or told when we are out there in the front lines marching?! No, what I seen was one man speaking to an officer, the officer moved his Sheild, and another officer started spraying people.
What’s crazy, is people really think, people marching and walking are supposed to turn on the tv when WE ARE MARCHING. Maybe one of my “friends” should’ve messaged me if you felt that way or cared to tell me valuable information.”

“They didn’t just spray protestors, they sprayed photographers, news reporters, camera men. All of us. Normal people standing by.”-F.G.

And this second statement that is from another eye witness: D.D. :

“No helicopters said anything! Of course the media will tell you something different!! I was there until the second round of pepper spray helping parents with kids get further away from the cloud and helping people who were hurt from getting hit by people running from the spray. NOBODY ANNOUNCED ANYTHING so if you don’t know, well now you know holmes. Easy to say stuff from the comfort of your couch” #fuckyourcomfortandyourfeelings#unitedminorities


So in conclusion… this false narrative is being spread by Phoenix mayor Stanton and Phoenix govt as propaganda…Wish I could say I was surprisedlet’s say this one more time: I was there with thousands of others and…THERE WAS NO WARNING FROM PHX POLICE BEFORE THEY FIRED TEAR GAS AND PEPPER SPRAY INTO PEACEFUL PROTESTERS FACES.

Leonard Clark

Progressive Activist

July 9th, 2016






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leonard clark

I am an Arizona Progressive veteran who is concerned not only for myself but my loved ones and my progeny. I am deeply interested in the world and universe.

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