Bernie’s Legacy is for Liberty Not For Oligarchy: Our Stolen Votes Equal Our Stolen Liberty!

Stolen Votes/Rigged Elections=Our Stolen Liberty
“The Only Thing We have to fear is fear itself” nameless unreasoning fear itself…
In response to a friend who says changing our minds is not a bad thing when we sell out our liberty and our dignity to vote for queen Shillary $$$:
Changing your mind is not a bad thing except … When it is a “bad thing”
Our stolen vote equals our voice…
Our stolen voice equals our stolen Liberty
That liberty was stolen by Shillary $$$ and the corrupt leadership of the Democratic Party…
When the corrupt leadership of a supposedly Democratic Party stole our liberty as they did when they stole our votes and then cheated our candidate and ourselves out of a presidential nomination …
And to then accept that is not only a betrayal of our own personal liberty …
It is a betrayal of our own personal dignity.
So what you have said is that your voice does not count in the now “UN-Democratic party since your vote was stolen and you have accepted for all intents and purposes an oligarchic ruler who lies to you and says: “your vote counts”.
So, if you accept your vote not counting this time and saying you want your vote to count the next time …is destroying the very thing you are fighting against.
Sadly people who will accept the sacrifice of their liberty once are no different then the politician who says he or she will accept a bribe “only once”.
I believe Emiliano Zapata illustrated this well when he said it is “better to die on your feet then live on your knees.
And really, we are metaphorically making the same mistake that many made in 2003 when many believing out of fear the lies that led us to wrongfully invade Iraq. Yes … We were told that there was an evil and horrible bad man named Saddam Hussein and that he was going to use weapons of mass destruction on our country much the same way we are now told Trump is going to unilaterally going to use the presidency as a weapon of mass destruction which the majority of our fellow our fellow Americans will never allow him to do because of the fact that we will be more unified and fired up then like no other time in American history to oppose and stop him through mass civil disobedience and outright non violent revolt. But with Shillary $$$ … ? Not so … We have already seen in horror how many of our friends literally either worship the Clinton’s or fall into the line of the elite Democrat orthodoxy and will do … or accept anything they are told to do simply because it is the oligarchic Clinton’s. Shillary $$$ will then play the role (as her husband did) of the proverbial “Trojan Horse and then continue to double down for her “Goldman Sachs” buddies and puppet masters on Wall-street.
So … Yes changing your mind is not always a bad except… When it is a bad thing and that is the case when one decides in mid-stream to sell out their dignity by selling out their liberty (stolen vote) out of fear in order to get a little false security.
So yes, there is a decision to be made … Would one turn over their stolen vote, their liberty and therefore their dignity and their conscience to a liar and a cheat (SHILLARY $$$) out of logic erasing fear for the big mouthed blow hard Trump ? You may say yes for yourself but we would say “Give me liberty or give me death!” rather than cede our liberty to unreasoning blind and trampling fear. A real Democratic president of the once actual Democratic Party named Franklin Delano Roosevelt was right when he said that “we have nothing to fear but fear itself” for now his words ring true more then ever when we in a great panic sell out our liberty not really because of Trump but out of blind reasoning fear. We therefore should not take our liberty and put it in a temporary “detention camp” out of fear it will betray us to a Trump we should by all means do the opposite and free our liberty and free our conscience it is only then that we can ever truly defeat a trump, a George W.Bush, an L.B.J., Nixon or a Neo-Liberal, vote stealing, election rigging and cheating Clinton
Leonard Clark
Progressive activist
July 27th, 2016

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leonard clark

I am an Arizona Progressive veteran who is concerned not only for myself but my loved ones and my progeny. I am deeply interested in the world and universe.

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