Bill Maher: Bernie Supporters Unpatriotic.

Video clip of Bill Maher to Bernie Sanders tonight on his show tonight:

“You sir are a patriot sir unlike some of your supporters.”

Message to Bill Maher I am veteran and just because I support Jill Stein now after Bernie has dropped out doesn’t mean that I… And my fellow brothers and sisters who supported Bernie for president just because we don’t support a corporate/corrupt candidate who stole our votes and elections are not patriotic…In fact…We doing what anybody who believes in the Democratic system of “free and equal elections would do when their votes are stolen.

Steal our votes…Steal our Voices
Steal our Voices…STEAL OUR LIBERTY !

Leonard Clark
Jill Stein Supporter
July 29th, 2016


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leonard clark

I am an Arizona Progressive veteran who is concerned not only for myself but my loved ones and my progeny. I am deeply interested in the world and universe.

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