Az. Gov. Ducey Please Restore Tarah’s Life Saving Breast Cancer Treatment..Please Don’t Sentence Her To Death !



State of AZ terminates award winning teacher with Brest cancer ! CRUEL AND OUTRAGEOUS !

We will hold a vigil and rally in the plaza of the Arizona State legislature… There’s good parking at Wesley Bolin plaza and can be accessed my car or bus… After the rally then we will go up to the governors office and present a letter and petition asking the governor to rehire and reinstate the life saving breast cancer treatment of this young teacher.

A state and nation where workers get screwed !
Grrrrr !

Brothers and sisters hope you can make it out to the governor’s office or … Share this event for a fellow human being and teacher who is going to die if Arizona doesn’t restore this young teacher’s (Tara) Breadt cancer treatment and re-hire after the the juvenile department director Dina Marie Markey had her wrongly terminated. And… What is even more infuriating about this, is that the director says the young teacher resigned which is not true… This director is saying the teacher resigned because she was sick and couldn’t come in to work per her doctor’s orders… And now her life is on the line.

This Arizona Department of juvenile corrections director is an appointee of Arizona governor Ducey… Governor Ducey… If you do not have this young teacher re-hired … so that she can get the proper breast cancer treatment you will effect have killed her.
Do the right thing and rehire her with her medical benefits this is outrageous and an affront to the laws of humanity and that of a supposedly civilized state and nation!

Leonard Clark,

Progressive Arizona activist,

August 11, 2016


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leonard clark

I am an Arizona Progressive veteran who is concerned not only for myself but my loved ones and my progeny. I am deeply interested in the world and universe.

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