In Phoenix The March For Social Justice Against Police Brutality/Murder Goes On ! Phx Civil Rights Leaders Put Your Differences Aside And Unify Temporarily With Maupin!


Unknown-5.jpegUnknown-6.jpegPhoenix Civil Rights Leaders: Please Sit Down With Reverend Maupin And Stop Being Divided…You Are Being Co-Opted By The Establishment As Long As This Division Continue: Thanks ūüôā

Okay…Brothers and sisters…This is going to make a lot of people angry at what I am about to say below but…The media is not going to tell us, so I am going to give my non-politically correct view below. So please, if you disagree with me on this… Please let still respect our differences of opinion and continue to be friends. Thanks from Lennie ūüôā

Brothers and sisters…This is only my analysis of what transpired on Friday night, July 8th, 2016 with our peaceful and non-violent march for justice against militarized police brutality and murder. Unfortunately…The establishment…A.K.A. the Phoenix politicians (Phoenix mayor Greg Stanton, Michael Nowakowski (a.k.a. Bull Connor Nowakowski), Gallego, Sal Diciccio et. al), the Phoenix police chief Joe Yahner, Arizona politicians and Homeland Security are doing a good job co-opting our non-violent movement here in Phoenix for justice against police brutality and unjustified police killings.


Why do I say that? Well because right now before our very eyes…We have civil rights ¬†and progressive leaders…Who are not unified. The fact of the matter is (and I know this will infuriate those latter leaders I just mentioned) is that Jared Maupin (the man who kissed up to Arpaio) took the proverbial “bull by the horns” and organized and initiated a non-violent social march for justice in Phoenix, Arizona that was opposed by the political elites and Phoenix police chief Joe Yahner.


Reverend Maupin had just about everyone of the civil rights/religious leaders in Phoenix opposing him. I am not saying that the reverend is suddenly a saint but I truly admire the fact that he did not cave into the demands of the establishment and some co-opted leaders in the community to not have the march for justice. This situation reminds me of the one in which the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King was extolled, harangued and pressured to not come out against the Vietnam War but…As usual this great spirit did what was right and was not intimidated from doing¬†the right thing. And so, again…Whether we like it or not…The reverend Maupin did the right thing and went ahead with the march. Despite the police chief harassing him and councilman Nowakowski pressuring him every step of the march for justice to stop. Imagine that…An angry police chief who thinks we are at war with our own people… In your face almost every step of that non violent march for justice trying to dissuade you from marching on… But the reverend Maupin…Thankfully did not listen. And…Despite my heavy disagreements with Reverend Maupin… I thank him very publicly for doing what was right and having the non violent march that night. And…Let me reassure you… I am still angry about his kissing up to Arpaio but my ego can for now put aside.


And, unfortunately…Many of our community leaders are still going before the press and essentially telling us: “I told you so” . Told us about what? That we had a successful non-violent march demanding justice for the victims of police brutality and murder? No…They are basically telling us that we were fools for doing the march (NOT!). And why are they saying this? Ego, Ego, Ego. So … I don’t know about you brothers and sisters… But I know in my heart, conscience and spirit that I and you all did the right thing that night by marching for justice non-violently. But….Still some of these leaders continue to look myopically at their anger towards reverend Maupin instead of the larger good that was done when we marched non violently last Friday night in Phoenix. So, No…We weren’t stupid for marching that night and… Please put aside your ego and anger for now we need to unify against injustice in the form of police brutality and police murder. Here is an interview at azcentral

Let this march and this particular leader (reverend Maupin) be a lesson to all of my fellow progressive activists and organizers… When we listen to the establishment such as the pro-police Phoenix politicians and fore go doing what is right…. WE BECOME CO-OPTED! The reverend Maupin although listening in the past to the political establishment and appeasing the monster Arpaio in this case: DID NOT LISTEN TO THE ESTABLISHMENT and did the right thing. Do I think that in the future that he will not do as he has done before? No… In all reality he might regress and continue to appease monsters like Arpaio but…When he does do something right and fills a void that was not being filled by our other leaders…. Then I will support him on those specifically needed efforts such as this non violent march that occurred on last Friday.

But, getting back to the lesson we should learn from what occurred on Friday, we must understand that the political establishment via its politicians are trying to co-opt us along every step of the way by getting us to accept political positions and appointments from them…They are hoping that since we have been given a perky position in government ¬†that we will fill obligated to then shut up. I am not saying though that we should always turn down appointed positions as long as we refuse to become co-opted by ¬†a system that wants to perpetuate social injustice i.e. police brutality and murder of our people.

I as many of you know here in the progressive scene in Arizona and Phoenix have made my very negative comments clear about how I strongly detested the fact that reverend Maupin had worked with the monster Arpaio. But….When I got to the march that night to observe…I saw the reverend, I saw my brothers and sisters and…I saw humanity. I could feel the righteous pressure of the people, my brothers and sisters there in Phoenix that night and there was something unseen but strongly felt…The spirit of justice and here undeniably she was calling out to all of us to: March, March, March! And ….Not continue to let the tyrannical old racist, bigoted and arrogant system to stop us anymore from obtaining justice from police brutality and police murder!

I therefore sat aside my ego….As I stood there watching the reverend Maupin rally the march. And…Most importantly, I watched my brothers and sisters as they and the reverend Maupin were being opposed in the beginning of the march¬†by our illustrious Phoenix city leaders Nowakoski and the police chief Joe Yahner trying to intimidate and pressure them¬†into not marching non violently for social justice against police brutality and murder.

And…As I watched the tired and old bigoted system now being employed against my non-violent brothers and sisters and the reverend Maupin, I came to a self realization and said to myself: “Wait a minute…What the fk is wrong with this picture?” And, as I asked that question of myself I wondered why¬†the other civil rights/religious leaders were joining with the very establishment pro-police politicians because of their egos to prevent a non-violent march for justice just so they could back at Jared Maupin. ¬†And further… By doing ¬†so, I realized that¬†these civil rights/religious leaders out of ego and perhaps now being in the establishment themselves¬†were fulfilling the old and treasured tradition that stretches back to the time of Julis Ceaser: which is to “Divide and Conquer” people so that they can be subjugated.

Again…I still have great differences with the reverend Maupin on his past dealings with the monster Arpaio but…We waited for the other leaders and what did they give us? This co-opted establishment resonse of: ¬†“We must postpone the march because our bosses, the Phoenix establishment pro-police and Homeland Security don’t want you to do it for safety reasons. Safety reasons? Really?

Incredibly as it may seem…Some of these same leaders that detest reverend Maupin so much (as I did) are now outright incorrectly insinuating that the reverend Maupin wanted violence which is b.s. Because I marched that night and there was no violence except for a few probable government provocateurs. And…I watched some of the reverend Maupin’s people tell those provocateurs at the very end (because they weren’t present throughout the march) to get away from us. At most there might have been two people causing all of this so called violence.

But…To listen to the critics of our non violent march for justice you would think there were cars being burned and windows being smashed… Nonsense!

If Dr. Martin Luther King, had listened to these co-opted community leaders advice back in the 1960s… ¬†Civil Rights marchers would¬†never have marched across the bridge at Selma and Ghandi and his fellow Indians would still continue to be under the tyrannical colonial domination of England today and Ceaser Chavez wouldn’t have conducted non violent acts of civil disobedience.

So…If the critics of our march and those who hate Maupin so much would have had their way… We would have all just listened and did what the establishment corporate sold out Democrats like Phoenix mayor Stanton, council person Gallego, Homophobic councilman Nowakowski (a.k.a. Phoenix’s “Bull Connor”) and their buddy right wing Trump supporting councilman Sal Diciccio wanted us to do…And that would have been: “Just stay home and it will all get better, the police brutality and murder will all just stop.”

Oh…But let’s all not forget how terrified the politicians are in Arizona of angering the largest police union here ¬†known as the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (P.L.E.A.) with its powerful political action committees and politically active membership. In fact…This is the same union that was and probably still is defending one of its officers convicted of a serious felony for shooting a man in the back and other acts of brutality and unnecessary killing of our people,¬†etc. . mayor of Phoenix, and the politically elected council people of Phoenix are just like all other politicians for the most part and want to keep getting re-elected over and over again and to do that…They believe they have to pander to this police union and declare themselves: “Pro-Police”.

And, as I have noted earlier in my previous writing the Phoenix police chief Joe Yahner during his ¬†pro-establishment press conference speech alluded to only the recent police who were killed¬†and gave condolences to them (which we all do) but… Never mentioned condolences to the families of the people who have been the victims of police brutally and even more recent murders at the hands of the police. No, this was a man in the frame of mind -as he stood scowling out at the audience during the mayor’s statement with a mindset of: We’re at ¬†war… The Phoenix police chief then went on to brag about how he was working with “Homeland Security” (“Do you have your papers?”). Of course, this being code for ….”We are spying on you evil protesters and will use our militarized system designed for war to come after you, the people, who we all deem¬†to be a threat to our security.” And, he’s not just bragging, the Federal government is now working closely with Phoenix (thanks to mayor ¬†Stanton who is¬†on the inside power curve with the¬†current administration and its Homeland Security Department). In addition… I have observed and testified repeatedly against huge Homeland Security grants being doled out to Phoenix for to help acquire such things as Sting Ray spying devices and…Facial Recognition Systems.

So rest assured that just like the C.I.A. that was initially formed only to gather intelligence but then started doing counter-intelligence, i.e. overthrowing Democratic governments and planting agent provocateurs, we are now going through the same thing with Homeland Security….So, thank you so much for politicians who gave the constitution killing Patriot Act, NOT! ¬† It really is becoming very apparent that the elite establishment politicians and police chief are now using¬†the domestic version of the C.I.A.: Homeland Security to practice its very counter-intelligence tactics on us, the non violent marchers for social justice against police brutality and murder.

Ah…But you say “no way, would our local political leaders ever¬†employ these types of tactics against us” much less use Homeland Security counter intelligence methods”…Well…Okay you have fun continuing to live under that rock you’ve come to enjoy so much and the rest of us will keep our eyes open and stop drinking the “Kool-Aid”. ¬†So…Congratulations Phoenix politicians on the city council…You are now employing the worst tactics and resources of counter intelligence (Homeland Security) to keep the status quo of police brutality, murder and private prisons in place. And, I won’t even get started on the private version of an “all knowing private google system” being used by our politicians via Homeland Security which can look at anything on us at anytime.-source-the international journalist Glenn Greenwald¬†

Further, you have many of our leaders now divided and… just today…You (Phoenix politicians and Homeland Security) used our state’s largest newspaper, The Arizona Republic to put out pro-police propaganda on its front page, i.e. detailing how the great benevolent Phoenix police chief Joe Yahner is “Feeling our pain” and is going to hold so called community hearings to placate all of us so that…We all “Just stay home…It will all get better and the police brutality and murder against people of color, poor people and all of us will just go away”.

This entrenched establishment elite (two party duopoly) will concede nothing and will only try to co-opt us at every step of the way by giving political and financial rewards to key opposition leaders who have the trust of their supporters.
It’s the “oldest trick in the book”
Thank GOD that the beautiful spirit Doctor Martin Luther King would not be co-opted. Of course… We know what they do to our leaders who refuse to be sold out don’t we? J.F.K., M.L.K., R.F.K

In conclusion…I would like to speak personally to you, my friends who are civil rights and progressive leaders: As much as I have differences with the reverend Maupin, I have put aside those differences for now because: The reverend, whether we like it or not…Did the right thing on Friday by holding a non-violent march for justice against police brutality and murder of our people.

Please, do not accept the invitations of the political establishment…i.e. the mayor of Phoenix Greg Stanton, Gallego, Michael Nowakowski, Sal Diciccio and Phoenix police chief Joe Yahner without first making amends and coming together in a public meeting with the reverend Maupin so that we can go forward with a unified non-violent movement¬†for justice here in Phoenix and in Arizona against police brutality and murder of our people. I have already seen a¬†proposed meeting of many of you (community leaders) being announce via social media but….I also notice that you have left out the reverend Maupin from being in attendance. This is not wise it is preventing our unified front and…You are playing right into the hands of the counter intelligence efforts of these pro-police forces : Homeland Security, mayor Stanton, Nowakowski, Gallego and Trump supporter Sal Diciccio. We are going to remain divided if we refuse to temporarily set aside our egos.

I propose to all of you and that includes myself: To please reach out to the reverend Maupin…We must make temporary amends and unify against this social injustice: Police brutality and police murder. I will attempt to directly tell the reverend Maupin that I do not agree with his working with Arpaio but…I will also tell him that I am prepared to set aside my ego for now to stand with him whenever he marches as he did non-violently for justice that night in Phoenix. Again…We should not continue to malign him in the media, this only strengthens the dark forces that are arrayed against us and are doing everything to defeat us so that we continue to live in a militarized police state.

As long as we continue to lash out at Maupin, the government controlled corporate media will give us a microphone to destroy our non-violent movement from within and therefore ourselves. Further… I will ask reverend Maupin to refrain from appeasing monsters like Arpaio. And yes…I know you are saying: “Lennie he is fooling you but…I assure you that if he turns on us by suddenly working with the establishment, that our movement will go on without him. Until then, I will forgive the reverend for his past transgressions and … I hope he will forgive me for my transgressions as well. We are only human and it will be love¬†in the end which cures this sickness of police brutality and police murders of our people, black, red, brown, yellow and white.

I know most of you and you are beautiful fighters for justice but…We must come to together non violently to stop this sickness…This evil which continues to abuse and murder our beautiful people. And…Let me make this last point: This movement is about the people, Our beautiful brothers and sisters¬†and justice……It is not about Maupin, it is not about me, it is not about any of our egos…It is about love, humanity and justice. “The People United Can Not Ever Be Divided”.


Leonard Clark

Arizona Progressive Activist

July 10th, 2016


Mainstream Media Is Lying…I was there and there was no warning before Pepper Spray and Tear Gas were fired into the faces of peaceful protesters!

First here is my thought on the M.S.M lying to all of you and telling you and that we were warned before we were tear gassed last night and pepper sprayed in the faces last night… I was just standing on the sidewalk next to the police line and the illogical and idiotic spooking of my non violent brothers and sisters by the police and Phoenix political leadership (Phoenix city councilman Nowawkowski stood in the middle of the street multiple times taunting the crowd to run him over and trying to impede our march) caused them to panic and nearly stampede my self and others.
F.G.¬†is right…. There were no warnings not from helicopters or police on the ground that pepper spray would be sprayed into my non violent brothers and sisters faces marching for justice in Phoenix last night. Now, after hearing all the talk about how the mainstream media lies…. I have seen for myself. P.S. I was right underneath those helicopters and all they did was try to spook us by erratically moving their powerful search light over us light like a strobe light to dis-orient us. Now… There’s a winning strategy… Dis-orient and spray pepper spray into peaceful and non-violent marchers faces who are marching for social justice… That’s great. P.S. M.S.M is lying to you. And we weren’t on the freeway.- Leonard Clark proud to have marched non-violently for social justice against police brutality and murder yesterday.
Below is my sister of peace F.G.’s¬†thoughts on this lie being spread by sympathizers of the Phoenix mayor Stanton, Nowakowski, Diciccio and the callous Phoenix police chief Joe Yahner: ¬†which by the way I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE WITH ūüôā

“I love how people keep telling me the people we’re warned before they pepper sprayed us. Question, where you there? Did you walk with us? If not, please have a seat on your opinion.

When you march and protest your doing just that. There was no cop speaking to any of us warning us to go any other way. No one on the mega phone or anything for any warnings. See, what you so think happens is from sitting on your couch watching from your TV. So when people are marching how are we supposed to know what’s being said or told when we are out there in the front lines marching?! No, what I seen was one man speaking to an officer, the officer moved his Sheild, and another officer started spraying people.
What’s crazy, is people really think, people marching and walking are supposed to turn on the tv when WE ARE MARCHING. Maybe one of my “friends” should’ve messaged me if you felt that way or cared to tell me valuable information.”

“They didn’t just spray protestors, they sprayed photographers, news reporters, camera men. All of us. Normal people standing by.”-F.G.

And this second statement that is from another eye witness: D.D. :

“No helicopters said anything! Of course the media will tell you something different!! I was there until the second round of pepper spray helping parents with kids get further away from the cloud and helping people who were hurt from getting hit by people running from the spray. NOBODY ANNOUNCED ANYTHING so if you don’t know, well now you know holmes. Easy to say stuff from the comfort of your couch”¬†#fuckyourcomfortandyourfeelings#unitedminorities


So in conclusion… this false narrative is being spread by Phoenix mayor Stanton and Phoenix govt as propaganda…Wish I could say I was surprisedlet’s say this one more time: I was there with thousands of others and…THERE WAS NO WARNING FROM PHX POLICE BEFORE THEY FIRED TEAR GAS AND PEPPER SPRAY INTO PEACEFUL PROTESTERS FACES.

Leonard Clark

Progressive Activist

July 9th, 2016





Phoenix City Councilman Nowakowski: “Bull Connor” of Phoenix

nowakowski stanton.jpeg
Another powerful politician who would love for me to have an unfortunate accident: City councilman Michael Nowakowski of Phoenix district#7:
Phoenix City Councilman Michael Nowakowski:
“Bull Connor” of Phoenix:
Really loved how councilman Nowakowski stood in the middle of the street to oppose my brother and sisters no violent march for justice this evening in Phoenix. Can someone tell me how this guy is a vice president of radio campesina because he is acting like a right wing fundamentalist Republican evangelical. Mark my words…..He is looking for a way to get elected as a Republican oh … But wait… He’s a Conservative Democrat and supporter of the Corporate Democratic party… So… Same difference.
He trying to play the role of “Bull Connor” except that in this case…He was trying to stop justice for police brutality and murder victims. Really saddened to see how he was kissing up to the police chief Yahner who made it plain yesterday in his comments at the press conference that he wasn’t going to express sympathy for victims of police brutality and murder…
And for the record…He despises me for outing him on his homophobic comments and has used the excuse that his bigoted beliefs against same sex bathrooms are part of his religion. So yes, I guess he is also Bull Connor of Alabama in the sense that he is for segregating our Trans Gender brothers and sisters from bathrooms… Oh …And forgot to mention that I have heard him personally during official city of Phoenix council meetings from his official microphone/podium decry the fact that: There is no more prayer in schools and that is why our students are just lousy.
But just when you thought councilman Nowakowski couldn’t be anymore of a corporate right wing fake Democrat… We only have to look back several years to see that he also worked with the monster Arpaio. Now… as in the case with Maupin who at least participated in a non violent march for justice against police brutality… We were able to put our egos aside and march for justice against police brutality and murder but what did Phoenix city councilman Nowakowski do? No… He didn’t march with us … He stood facing us ¬†in the street opposed as it were to our route of ¬†non violent march for justice against police brutality and murder…
So Yes… There are limits to setting aside differences as was with the case of Maupin yesterday but with Nowakowski… We couldn’t… Because he was literally standing in the street opposed to us trying to very openly curry favor with the very politically active Phoenix police union.
.. Councilman Nowakowski has (if you haven’t heard) has been trying to play the role of a Dixie Democrat in Arizona but somehow… He forgot that … THIS IS ARIZONA NOT ALABAMA circa 1950s! lol
Leonard Clark
July 8th, 2016

Non Violent Phx protesters pepper sprayed while Phx police chief expresses condolences for police, none for victims of police brutality


On those who criticize our fellow progressive brothers and sisters who marched for justice tonight due to the participation of Maupin:
An “Establishment” supporter of militarized police who criticizes our non violent protesting brothers and sisters march tonight and praises mayor Stanton on his wall then in blocks me lol . You see… Others like the Establishment supporter¬†couldn’t put their anger and egos aside long enough to march with our brothers and sisters non violently tonight because of their anger for Maupin…( I too am guilty of that) and I strongly disagree with him on the monster Arpaio
… But what some of my brothers and sisters forgot… Like the Establishment supporter,¬†is that this march was not about Maupin…It was a non violent march for justice and nothing they say or do to back up the Establishment and the likes of Stanton, Gallego, Nowakowski, Diciccio etc. who tried to intimidate from having our march tonight will change that. In fact… While we of course express our condolences to the loss of police officers and condemn those who carried out the violence we also condemn those police officers that brutalize and harass our people.
I am a moderate and believe me… If I’m protesting this …That means that this shiza has really gotten to the point where it will not be accepted anymore. In conclusion…. These same city of Phoenix officials: Stanton, Gallego, Nowakowski didn’t express much if any sympathy for the murder victims of police brutality… No … All they could do was show their bias in continually repeating their condolences due to the loss of police (which again we also give condolences).

I fully understand that my critical reports against certain politicians, appointed and law enforcement officials has put a target on my back brothers and sisters (especially with police and their secret squads) ¬†but…Our children deserve to grow up in a loving and humane society that truly uses justice to establish this and… by extension therefore a fully operational Constitutional Republic.

This was a truly inspirational evening in Phoenix tonight and… I don’t care about all of the negative spinning and lying the MainStream Media will tomorrow….WE MARCHED FOR JUSTICE AND HUMANITY NON VIOLENTLY AND WE WERE RIGHT IN DOING SO ¬†!

Thank you to my brother Geoff Woods who appears in the youtube below shouting “truth to power” into the live Fox news feed before they could cut him off and shouting that we were all being killed and oppressed… black, brown, yellow, red and white and that we were unitied in our stand for justice against police brutality and murder.

Ok brothers and sisters … I decided¬†to march against police brutality in Phoenix non-violently this evening. I did this knowing that one of the main people leading it was someone with which I have deep disagreements on other things that have happened lately. But, at this point I to set aside my anger at Mr. Maupin and marched in peace and love with my brothers and sisters against unpunished police murders.

I just got plain tired of waiting for other civil rights leaders in Phoenix to¬†step up to the plate non-violently and do something in the form of a public action. In addition… I was greatly disappointed in some of our community leaders who decided to be pushed by or either ¬†to collaborate/appease city of Phoenix officials by giving into their demands for the non-violent protest not to be held.

Of course, these city of Phoenix officials used the word “postponed” as if to imply that they would want the non-violent protest¬†to be held later but knowing full well that they really hoped the righteous anger of the people would cool sufficiently so that no protest would ever be held and business…A.K.A. the status quo would just continue on the way it always has: People of color and poor people being shot down unnecessarily by some law enforcement police.

  Among the city of Phoenix politicians trying to stop this non violent march against police brutality were: Phoenix mayor GREG STANTON , city councilman NOWAKOWSKI, city council person GALLEGO, and RIGHT WING EXTREMIST SAL DICICCIO. I will say this about Phoenix mayor Greg Stanton at least he tried to express sympathy for victims of police brutality (whether sincere or not) unlike his police chief Joe Yahner who just basically strongly implied that he was going to use Home Land Security.

So you know what brothers and sisters? For those attacking us for marching non violently tonight… This is a free country and the people are allowed to march non violently and constitutionally to petition their government leaders for redress. ¬†All I from the police chief and Phoenix politicians was sympathy for police being murdered which of course, we have¬†but… I hardly heard anything from the politicians today (except for mayor Stanton) for the murders of the people by a militarized police bounding out of control in it over reactions towards those they are supposed to protect.

The police chief of Phoenix was stone cold callous toward those who have suffered at the hands of police brutality. Throughout Phoenix mayor Stanton’s short speech, a thinly veiled sneer could be witnessed on the face of the chief when the mayor explained that although he wanted the march postponed that the people had a right constitutionally to march non violently. The sneer on the chief’s face could continue to be seen when the mayor specifically mentioned the victims of police brutality in Minnesota and Louisiana.

Now, while I have the highest respect and admiration for those who put their lives on the line to protect the people … I have the highest disdain for the rogue police who are continually harassing our people and murdering them. Further, I at least could at least understand former Phoenix police chief Garcia for standing up to his police union. But Yahner comes from the ranks of this militarized police leadership that permeates not only the force in Phoenix but throughout the nation as well. Let’s get this straight…THE PEOPLE ARE NOT THE ENEMY! STOP TREATING THEM AS SUCH BY SHOOTING THEM DOWN AND IMPRISONING THEM!

In addition…I observed Pro-Police Phoenix city councilman Nowakowski repeatedly standing in street facing on coming non-violent marchers as if to try to intimidate or dissuade them from marching non-violently for justice in response to police brutality in Phoenix and around the country. Please tell me this guy doesn’t work for Radio Campesina and that he is a Democrat (oops forgot…He is a corporate Democrat that supports queen Hillary and whose husband was¬†responsible for putting more people of color in jail than any other president).

Also, I watched a video (link below) of a article in which Phoenix politicians were expressing their regrets that a non-violent march was being held in Phoenix this evening. One of these appointed officials was the Phoenix police chief who… While stating that he worked with community leaders had no words of condolence for African American victims of police brutality in homocide but… The chief made it very clear that he had huge sorrow for fallen officers yet stated nothing about victims of police brutality or homocide.¬†

The chief’s hard core and cold hearted statement showed true bias by stating his condolences ¬†for the murders of police¬†but not for the victims of police brutality and police homocide. In addition, the Phoenix police chief went on to state/give assurances that he was working with Home Land Security as if to state that we non violent protesters were all terrorists. I believe that: 1.) He showed by his callous statement that he does not really care about the murdered victims of police brutality and that 2.) He is very fearful of his officers police union which is notorious for defending officers even after they have been convicted for violent crimes against the people they are supposed to protect.

Leonard Clark
July 8th, 2016




In Az. Some are fooling themselves when they think they can trust Purcell, Osborne and Reagan


Hillary and the Vichy Corrupt/corporate Democrats are “wolves in sheep’s clothing” while: Trump and his xenophobic/Republican followers are “wolves in wolves clothing”


But we have a choice… Independent thought and Independent candidates along with other progressive political parties are now upon us. Though…Now the two party duopoly is trying desperately with all of their¬†might to stop their two party gang rule from slipping through their greedy hands.


Okay brothers and sisters… I have been hearing that so-called Democrats are now going to work with the Arizona Secretary of State Michelle Reagan and… With the Maricopa County recorder Helen Purcell… I understand the good hearted intentions of those activists in our community who believe that they can still work with these two corrupt officials… I really do… But after having participated in what is a banana republic called the state of Arizona for the last 20 years as an activist and as a political candidate… I have come to find with evidence that both the Maricopa County recorder Helen Purcell and her lackey Maricopa County elections director Karen Osborne and last but not least the Arizona Secretary of State are so corrupt and entrenched that to pretend to work with them and think that they are going to actually pass laws to make our votes count is ludicrous if not foolhardy…

So go ahead and do this whole game of supposedly meeting with organizations like Arizona Advocacy Network and P.D.A. (Progressive Democrats of America) progressive Democrats yes they are but… Still loyal Democrats to who ever the Democratic nominee will be. But please remember they are working with the Democratic establishment whether they like to admit it or not and that means of course getting the anointed corrupt corporate Democratic queen Hillary Clinton elected in the end even if they try to make it sound like they aren’t by carefully refraining from using her name. And, that also means that yes …They care about stopping voter suppression and vote rigging when it helps Hillary Clinton and the entrenched and corrupt Clinton Syndicate.

When our brothers and sisters were calling for a re-vote after the obvious vote suppressing and rigged fiasco known as the Arizona Presidential Preference Primary on March 22nd, 2016 these so called progressive organizations were not calling for a re-vote. They just wanted to “look beyond” Bernie Sanders being cheated in the Arizona vote and our votes for him being stolen. Now….Now they care about your vote so their precious corrupt FAKE VICHY Democrat can be elected.

I would like you all to know brothers and sisters that I am not going to B.S. you and say to that I think we can suddenly change the hearts and the consciousness of these corrupt political officials‚Ķ Because we can only to correct this election system that is not “free and equal” in Arizona or the nation by¬†legal actions in the courts and in the courts of public opinion‚Ķ Right now we are being told to follow certain progressive¬†people who …Truth be told are now trying to get the vote stealing queen Hillary elected and… We do not know their motives for doing so…. Fear of Trump?, fear of the Clinton family arranging convenient accidents via their surrogate corporate friends? Or $$$ “under the table” and outright $$$ “over the table” in the form of patronage?, ¬†jobs both private and public, both political and private? ¬†So we do not know what tactics the Democratic Party is using to try sucker in certain activists in our community by either fooling them were bribing them.

In conclusion if you have any doubts about how corrupt and crooked our¬†American politicians are‚Ķ Go back to November 22, 1963‚Ķ And there you can study the evidence and the pros and cons where you will see that politicians including a Democratic vice president conspired to¬†and did murder our beloved president Kennedy‚Ķ On that day our constitutional Democratic Republic truly took an almost mortal hit‚Ķ But we are not dead yet we have the hope in our hearts of restoring our constitutional Democratic Republic through Bernie Sanders and…If they succeed in stealing this election from him at the convention at Philadelphia later this month…Then Bernie will still have played a major role in helping us to get back our ¬†Constitutional Democratic Republic with a non-violent political revolution. Bernie has done more good for our republic then all of the frightened and entrenched politicians who cling to their power arbitrarily like frightened and terrified little children that are desperately doing anything to hold onto to that power. And…When I say: “will do anything”…I mean anything.

But lets us not be¬†scared off or intimidated‚ĶWe must not give up but again please don’t be fooled by corrupt politicians whether Democratic or Republican and please, above all if you’re going to support a Democratic candidate really know if they are not corrupt and if they are not supporting Hillary‚Ķ For my part‚Ķ I will not trust any politician and that would be especially Republican and Democratic politicians. I will though…Consider voting for Democratic politicians on a case by case basis even though right now…I am inclined to vote for none of them as they are part of a corrupt Clinton/D.N.C. corporate machine. The tentacles of the Clinton syndicate extend far and wide‚Ķ And of course our far right wing Republican fascist friends as well are totally corrupted. I would ask that you also consider independent or third party candidates such as Green party or Socialist candidates if they can ever get on the ballot despite political officials keeping them off through legal and illegal shenanigans. So thank you for being independent and for not sitting down and “shutting up” anymore as we have been told to do by tunnel visioned, shoulder padded establishment Democrats for the last twenty years every time we even give one hint of criticism at the corrupt Clinton aristocratic family. I know this message will piss off some of you brothers and sisters but so be it I have to live with myself I’m not a politician I actually have a conscience and need to try and sleep and night ūüôā now if you would all like to join me for an egg fry on a Phoenix sidewalk downtown in the middle of summer I would love to see you all there LOL.

Leonard Clark

Progressive activist

Arizona Democratic Socialist

July 5th, 2016

Outrageous Unconstitutional Act Against Our Indigenous Brothers and Sisters in Denver !



Thank you to this courageous young woman for standing up to tired old racism and injustice ! We are with you!
Please brothers and sisters watch her Youtube because she gives out critical information on how to help in her court battle to stand up against the unconstitutional injustice not done just to her but to our Indigenous brothers and sisters everywhere!


I can’t watch this young lady without getting emotional. She is so inspirational.
Message from Josie Valadez Fraire, who was arrested during an anti-trump rally in so-called denver. She was detained and ticketed for burning sage and smudging. As an Indigenous womxn from Turtle Island she has more right to be here and pray (in our ways) then the Illegal anchor baby known as trump. Show support for our reSIStor.


Here is her video brothers and sisters. Please stand by her and help her because she is standing up for the human rights of our Indigenous brothers and sisters everywhere !leonard Clark   July 4th, 2016

Phx Mayor Stanton/Democratic Council Hand Out Approx 1 Billion Dollars In Tax Free Bonding To Corporate Charter Schools.

Hillary supporting Phx mayor and Democratic Hillary Supporting Phx city council members have methodically worked with Republicans to privatize our public schools.
The mayor of Phoenix, Greg Stanton (HRC supporter, prop 123 supporter) along with Laura Pastor (HRC supporter, prop 123 supporter), Kate Gallego (HRC supporter, prop 123 supporter), Daniel Valenzuela(HRC supporter, prop 123 supporter) in concert with the right wingers Sal Diciccio(Trump supporter) and Mr. Waring(Trump supporter). Mayor Stanton is a Hillary supporter and frequent traveller to Washington D.C. has helped to usher in approximately 1,000,000,000 sweet take free bond issuance here from Phoenix’s Industrial to corporate charter schools… The steady and methodical privatization of our public schools not only here in Arizona but around the rest of the country.
Our Phoenix Industrial Development is a faux board although it is implied that it is independent. The reason for this is that any decisions they approve must then by voted on and approved by the full city council of Phoenix. I fairly certain that most of the tax free municipal bond funding for corporate charter schools came through this board. And now, it is making sense over the years of Phx mayor Stanton’s constant flying to Washington to meet with former Education Secretary Duncan. The Democratic party must have been getting large donations and… Probably many of its elites were getting indirect kickbacks for throwing so much cheap bonding towards the corporate charter schools way.
In addition… Just to let you know how much politics and $$$ are going back and forth here…The last time I checked the law firm/lobbying firm representing the Phoenix Industrial Development Authority was the same one that employed Jack Abramoff.

Corporate charter schools are just that … Corpirate (misspelling intended) with no parental school board that puts its children first only corporate board of directors that puts profit first.

Further, they do not “compete” with public schools unless you consider all of the loop holes and special favors a corpirate charter school gets as being fair…

not least of which being they get to pick and choose their students along with being able to kick out those students who are struggling academically while our public schools rightfully and legally have to accept all those who want to enroll there notwithstanding their religion, ethnicity or physical or cognitive challenges.

Leonard Clark
Arizona Democratic Socialist
July 4th, 2016